10+ Highest Paying Jobs In India to Start A Successful Career (2020 Update)

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Are you searching for the highest paying jobs in India? Many students fall in this dilemma after they complete their studies. Today we will discuss some of the top jobs where you can get the highest salaries.

Each and every person want to earn more and more money. That’s why we start finding the highest paying jobs in India. However, salaries are dependent on many factors, such as education, qualifications and experience.

highest paying jobs in india

Although, there are still some highest paying jobs in india where you don’t need a higher qualifications or education. Sometimes  your personal talent and skills can lead you to earn more than other highly qualified people.

Therefore, we will discuss both type of highest paying jobs in India where you need a qualification or where you don’t need any certifications.

List of Highest Paying Jobs In India

These jobs can easily help you to choose a prosperous career plan for your future. Undoubtedly, mostly jobs need hard work and dedication both. So get ready to start the journey to find out the latest highest paying jobs in India.

1. Business Management

Business Management or Business analysts are the highest paying jobs in India. These people can easily get a package of 20 to 30 lakh rupees yearly as a fresher.

Mostly high paying jobs need lots of experience. Fortunately, MBA can help you to get huge packages as a fresher as well. This is the only course where US companies can also hire you directly from your college. That’s why this is the highest paying job in india.

Nevertheless, there are thousands colleges provide mba courses in India. But they cant help you to get these higher salaries. You need to choose a college or university from top B-schools In India.

Some of the most prestigious colleges for Mba in India are IIM, IIT, Delhi University, IIFT, SPJIMR, JBIM and XLRI. You can easily visit their website to check their last year placements and salaries. You also need to pass their entrance exam to get admission in these colleges.

Business management studies can also help you to become CEO of big companies in future. There are many examples of CEOs coming from IIM and IIT who are earning millions of dollars every year.

Qualification & Eligibility: Graduation in any stream. 

2. Doctors

Doctors job

As we all know, doctors are the most reputed and highly paid professionals. A fresh medical student can easily earn around 1 to 2 lakh a month. After that mostly Doctors work for personal clients after their jobs which also help them increase their earnings.

Unfortunately, every science student is not capable to become a doctor. MBBS is the required course for every aspiring students. Moreover the competition in this industry is too high. Millions of students try to get admission for this course but only few percent of students can get the success.

If you are a very good in science studies and you were the topper in the class. Then you should definitely try for this exam. However, if you are an average student like me. You should scroll down to find some other options.

Qualifications & Eligibility: 10+2 with science stream. 

3. Air Hostess Or Cabin Crew

air hostess job

This is most prestigious profession for girls and boys. If you are an average beautiful girl and you know how to dress up yourself. Then you can easily earn somewhere around 100,000 to 150,000 a month or even more.

Boys can also become a flight steward and fly the sky in this job. However, boys have less jobs in this industry rather than girls. Because as we all know every flight have more female cabin crew staff than male staff.

The most surprising thing is that you don’t need a higher education in this field to become an air hostess. You just need to complete your secondary education with any stream. The most important criteria in this industry is your personal appearance.

Many people get in the trap of fake institutes which promise to make you cabin crew if you join their course after 10the standard.

However, these are completely false promises. Almost every airlines  select candidates who have atleast 12 passed certificate from a recognised board.

In addition, you should also know all about well dressing manners and a very good communication skills to greet and meet passengers.

In addition, domestic flights pay less salaries than international flights. So always try to become a cabin crew in international flights. A good command on English language is also compulsory for international flights.

Qualifications & Eligibility: 10+2 or Graduation in any stream. 

4. Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountants Jobs

Again this is another highest paying jobs in India. CA is a very well reputed profession and you can earn easily from 500,000 to 700,000 a month in this job.

However, becoming a CA is not a cakewalk. It is very hard to become a CA in India. More than 2 Lacs student fill the form for exams every year and only 2 percent can clear the exams.

You will need a very good mathematics and accountancy skills. If you were above than an average student in maths and accounts, you should try for this career option.

To become a Chartered Accountants, you don’t need to take admission in any college for any course. You just need to clear the exams directly conducted by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)

However, you can take coaching classes for preparation. But keep in mind that you need to be already a good student in commerce who got 80+ percent marks usually in school.

Qualifications & Eligibility: 10+2 with commerce stream. 

5. Commercial Pilot

Pilot Job

This is one of the highest salary jobs in India. Pilot is not a job, its a dream for many students. Flying on the sky is not an easy task. You need to be a strong hearted person to become a good pilot.

In addition, pilot is most respected and appreciable career option. It is also true that you can earn 150,000 to 600,000 a month depending on your experience.

It is also a qualified occupation and you need to complete your higher secondary education with PCM (Physics, Science and Math) subjects.

Moreover, this occupation needs a clear certificate of your medical fitness. Your eye sight should be 6/6. Your body should be completely fit and a specific height and weight is also required.

In addition, pilot courses are not really affordable. You need to pay a good amount of fees for any learning institution. After that, as you get your commercial pilot license. You can start applying in many different airlines, such as Indigo, Air India, Spice jet, Vistara, GoAir, Air Asia etc.

Qualifications & Eligibility: 10+2 with PCM Subjects. 

6. Aeronautical engineer

Many people are not aware of this engineering. However, aerospace engineering is also one of the Highest paying jobs in India. 

This is also a qualified occupation and you need to be a science student to go into this field. Many universities provide this engineering course.

Many people are not aware but people are earning 50,000 to 300,000 a month in this job. This is also depending on your experience and skills. However you will be paid that much amount as a fresher as well.

Qualifications & Eligibility: 10+2 with science stream. 

7. Actor

Unfortunately, this career option has the highest competition in the country. However many newcomers also get a chance to work in this industry.

Acting is not only a career but also a glamorous dream for many youngsters in India. If you see the earnings in this job, this occupation should be at no. 1 position for the highest paying job in India.

There are several acting school where you can learning the art of acting. However, there is not any specific education qualifications required for this job. National school of drama, FTII, SRFTI are some of the reputed acting schools in India.

The earning prospectus are too high in this industry. You can easily earn from lacs to millions every year. This depends on your successful projects and how popular you are.

There are many examples in Bollywood where many actors came from a middle class background and now they are living a royal life only because of this career. The main examples are Shahrukh khan and Akshay kumar. These guys had come from a normal middle class family. But their hard work and dedication towards acting made them really successful in life.

Qualifications & Eligibility: You need to be passed with basic education to get admission in these institutions. 

8. Company Secretary

This one is also one of the highest paying jobs in India. CS is a related occupation to CA as well. You need same qualifications to become a CS.

Company secretary is an extremely successful career option. You can earn easily from 800,000 to 1.5 million in a good reputed organisation.

As India has growing rapidly in various sectors. Many startups getting started everyday. Thus, requirement of CS is definitely going to high in coming years.

Institute of Company Secretary of India is the government body which conducts the exam for the aspiring cs students.

Qualifications & Eligibility: 10+2 with commerce stream. 

9. Lawyer

Becoming a lawyer is also one of the best career choice. A lawyer is also comes under the highest paying jobs in India. Many people want to become a lawyer as their passion towards law.

LLB is the bachelors degree for any aspiring lawyer. You need to first complete your 10+2 education and then you can take entrance exam to get admission.

Money is always a matter and Lawyers are not less salaried person. On an average, lawyers in India can easily earn somewhere from 7 lacs to 9 lacs annually. And if you got some big private clients then you can earn way more than you expect.

Many lawyers take fees more than 1 cr. It all depends on their popularity and their successful cases in the past.

Qualifications & Eligibility: 10+2 with any stream.

10. Civil Services

Indian Civil Service job is a dream job for many citizens in the country. Its a big proud to work for your nation. Thousands of aspiring students take exams for these jobs every year.

However, limited seats can only provide jobs to a few number of talented students. Earning is also prosperous in this job. You can easily get a starting package of 70-80 thousand rupees a month. Plus you will get all the benefits and perks specially for the government employees.

You also don’t need any specific education to apply for this job. You just need to be graduated from any stream.

However, clearing civil service examination is not an easy task. You need to take some good coaching to proper preparation for the exam. Many people try for this job till many years but could not get succeed.

11. Master Chef or Executive Chef

Chef Jobs

Executive chef is the highest position of a chef in a hotel kitchen. Executive chef is responsible for all the food production in a hotel or restaurant.

Many teenagers are having a dream these days to become a master chef. However, a chefs salary is not that much high in starting of the job. But if you spend some years in this industry. You can easily earn 1 to 3 lacs a month or even more.

Moreover, To become an executive chef, you will need atleast 10 years of experience.

Many 5 star hotels provide higher packages to their executive and master chefs.

If you are really a hard worker + smart worker, you can get success as much as you want in life. For instance, Sanjeev Kapoor and Vikas Khanna are the example of celebrity chefs in India.

Qualification & Eligibility: Bachelors degree in Hotel Management.


These are the most trusted highest paying jobs in India. I hope this will help you to start your career in a right path.

Moreover, every job has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should not always see the salaries while you should first follow your passion. If you love your job, you will definitely get success in your career.

In addition, this is not the end of the list but this is the most prospective career option for any freshly graduates. Choosing a career is a milestone for many students. I hope you will get some clear idea on the highest paying jobs in India.

I hope guys this article helped you to find best career option for you. If you got some real knowledge from this post, don’t forget to share this post on social media with your friends. You can also leave your questions in the comment box below. Feel free to like us on Facebook and Twitter 

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