10 Tips to Zoom Your Career as a Star Blogger in 2023

10 Tips to Zoom Your Career as a Star Blogger in 2023

So, you have been writing for the past few months and you are completely frustrated at the thought that your writing style is still in its infancy and there is no signs of attaining maturity any time soon.

So, what you are supposed to do? Do not pull the plug on your blog. There are some easier options available that you can give a try if you are to enhance your writing style.

Since people are much interested in what you write rather than what you are, you need to work hard to the bone simply because there is no shortcut available.

Here we are going to share some tips that you can give a go if you are to spruce up your writing skills.

Writing is an Everyday Affair

Yes, know you have been doing this for month but not everyday. If you are to shine as a great blogger with large fan followers, you need to write everyday one or two posts.

However, if you are running out of time, you can write short articles of 250 words of two. Do not need to publish these articles as they look more like drivels less articles.

The more time you will be investing in writing, the better your writing style will be. If you think that reading those sure success kinds of things will help you, you are living in fool’s paradise. It is best time you should wake up and face the reality.

Read On Regular Basis

The best way you can improve your writing style is by reading articles everyday.

However, I am not asking you to get subscribed to those I-Copy-You-and-You-Copy-Me associations.

Reading books of others will have a direct impact on your writing style without your being aware of it and you will much confident next time when you take on your laptop.

However, try to read some classics and good magazines not all those easily available rewritten things which are filled with fluffy content.

Try different style and to make the reading enjoyable, try some detective fictions as well.


Ask The Leaders

However, just reading and writing may not come to your help unless you are getting some true writing tips from industry veterans.

On your quest for better writing style will go wasted, if you fail to find a genius of this field.

However, this is fairly easy and all you need to do is to search with the name of the field you are in and follow the write-up of those blogs that come to the fore.

However, use your brain before following any particular writing style and never copy it. Create your unique writing style if you are to survive the onslaught of the competition.

Write Creative

Just writing and reading is certainly not going to help you shot through the roof. But in order to get cozy with your readers, you need to write well, really well.

You need to master the art of write to please and engage. So go for the kill from the very on set. Try to make your readers either relax or make them curious about the post.

To give it an interesting twist, you can start off with some questions. Writing is not just about writing perfect English. It is more than that. It has to be creative, dramatic and should have an appeal. This is the secret of success.


Have Feedback

Everyone around thinks that he is the best write. But once he/she gets the thrashing from clients or gets some nasty feedbacks from angry visitors, he then comes to term with the fact that his writing style is not that much immaculate.

Feedbacks are necessary evil but the fact is that they can help you polish your writing style.

What Is Auto Blog And Is It Beneficial?

As I said, blog is about sharing information, auto blog means a blog that automatically fetches information in full or part from other websites / blogs / article directories / content sharing sites like flicker and youtube on particular topic. This can be done using automated script or some software. As you can see there is no real hard work in auto blog, its setup once and forget about it and hence very less chance to get success. I recommend avoiding auto blogging.

Its Not Quick Rich Scheme

Yes, blogging is not quick rich scheme or one night business. In fact, blogging is a long time journey and will require you to pay enough attention and your hard efforts just like any offline business will need.

Blogging Has Never Been Easy

This Business Is Easy To Do But Hard To Sustain.

The main reason most blogger fail in the beginning is because blogging is not a kid’s job as It may seem first time.

Creating blog, posting content regularly may be easy job, but building quality traffic, improving ranking in search engine and improving credibility of your blog on internet (of course to earn better revenue and better price for your advertising space) is not that really easy.

Blogging is continuous learning process. Anyone can start it but to get success you have to keep doing and doing until you learn what you are doing.

Blog Not About Copying / Publishing Content, Its About Guiding, Helping, Caring, And Teaching People

Yes, if you want to setup a full time blogging business, it won’t be enough to publish content, but your content should really help your readers the way they want.

I mean if your reader came to your blog when looking for particular information on search engine, your blog should offer the same information to him, otherwise his first visit to your blog will be the last visit for ever.

There Is Not Quick Money

But There Is Sure Huge Money Opportunity Ahead. Another reason why people quiet blogging in initial stage is because they fail to make expected income from it.

Let me clear that blog will not give you instant income, but if done in systematic way, it will surely give you a huge income after a year or two. The duration, you will start making good amount of blogging revenue will depend on how soon you become proficient in blogging.

I know these are not all the questions you have in your mind, but its not possible to explain everything in single page article. If you want to know more, why don’t you ask me in comment below?

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