Air Hostess: Career, Eligibility, Qualification, Salary, Training and Rumours

Air Hostess: Career, Eligibility, Qualification, Salary, Training and Rumours

Becoming an Air Hostess and working as a flight attendant is a professional dream for many people.

If you have excellent communication skills, a desire to travel, and a long-term commitment to making people comfortable and happy, being an air hostess is probably one of the best choices you can make in your life.

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Of course, there is a process to become a cabin crew with any airline, but if you really have a genuine interest in the field, you should definitely begin training to become a flight attendant.

The air hostess career is filled with flexible schedules, lots of travel, and lots of fun of course.

However, there are certain things you need to completely comfortable with, before you commit to becoming a flight attendant.

Working as a flight attendant requires you to take several responsibilities.

First, when you get to the airport to prepare for the day’s flight, you’ll be briefed by your senior or knowledgeable about the plane that you will be flying in.

Important pieces of information that should be given to you is the location of any emergency equipment, basic facts about the flight (including approximate distance path, weather, potential delays, and estimated arrival time), and any other information regarding the plane.

Overall, you are meant to get situated with the plane and knowledgeable about all of the safety procedures specific to the particular plane.

After you go through this a few times, you’ll have a general idea of the plane even before you step foot into the plane.

How to Become an Air Hostess? Easy Path, No Confusion

Having a job as a flight attendant is often seen as a great life. Many times, they are given days off and time to explore the area that they are currently in.

The job exposes them to many new experiences, especially in the form of travel. However, the reality is that it is still considered work.

Many times, when passengers on the plane really don’t realize it, flight attendants are under a lot of pressure to apply what they have learned in their training in real life.

Sometimes, asking for something can create an irritation because there might have been a whole handful of people who have asked for totally different things before you did.

However, thousands of people are working happily as a flight attendant and earning a good income.

What will be your Job Duties As A Flight Attendant

When you first start the day as a flight attendant, you should already know which flight you will be staffed on.

Your airline calendar will let you know exactly which flight you’ll be on so that you can be prepared in terms of packing and travel.

In any case, you’ll meet the other cabin crew staff for the flight beforehand; the captain or other knowledgeable person will let you know where all of the emergency equipment is.

You’ll also be told any relevant information about the flight, including estimated arrival time, snacks available on the plane, weather, potential delays, etc.

So that you can efficiently answer passenger questions without having to run to the pilot cockpit every time there is a question asked.

When passengers first board, your job is to assist them in placing their luggage in the right place, answering any questions, directing passengers to their seats, and enforcing any safety regulations.

For example, if a passenger has brought a bag onboard that is simply too large to stow in the overhead storage bins, you can help them check it so that they can still get it at their destination.

This part requires little effort on your part besides reminding passengers of safety policies that must be followed during the journey. You may also be instructed to demonstrate any pertinent safety information.

As the plane takes off, your job is then to distribute any snacks and beverages provided. During the flight, the job as a flight attendant is often a very systematic process that involves properly timing the serving of snacks and beverages.

When the plane is preparing to land, your job as a flight attendant is to remind all passengers of safety regulations (namely, turn off all electronics and return all seats to their original positions).

When it does land, you’ll help passengers get their luggage out of the overhead bins, clean up the plane, and prepare it for the next flight.

As you can see, having a flight attendant job isn’t exactly the most exciting job in the world.

However, people like being a flight attendant because it engages their people skills while allowing them to have plenty of experience traveling. The flight attendant job description has its pros and cons, but which career doesn’t?

What are the Salary Packages of an Air Hostess?

Many people think that this job can give you higher salaries than others. It is totally true that an air hostess earns better than equivalent other jobs.

In this new era, everyone is finding highest paying jobs in India and that’s the most common reason many girls want to choose this career.

International and domestic flights have their own salary packages. You will always earn more on international flights than domestic flights.

Domestic flights usually pay starting salaries from 35000 rupees a month. And this can go up as your experience increases. However International flights pay 75000 rupees a month on average.

Their package includes your food and living expenses as well. For instance, you will always get a stay in 5-star hotels and your food will also be from these hotels.

Living life in these royal hotels is always a dream for  common people

This is also true that Indian airlines have lesser salary packages than the airlines in other countries.

For example, Emirates airlines and Etihad airlines are the most common international airlines for our Indian candidates. These airlines are situated in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So you need to go to these countries for the job.

These companies easily provide starting salaries for 1.5 lac rupees a month. This is the reason most freshers always try to crack their interviews.

However, these companies take difficult interviews, group discussions, and fitness tests to select highly talented candidates.

Eligibility Criteria to be A Cabin Crew

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A plethora of people these days want to become an air hostess. The job is in the air, allows a comfortable lifestyle, and pays well considering the type of experiences that the job offers. The career requires a number of factors, which include:

  • A high school diploma (10+2), although college-educated applicants are preferred.
  • Height between 157 cm to 180 cm, but this range is not absolute. Various companies may have different requirements. You can check their website
  • First Aid Certificate or ability to obtain one.
  • Physical and mental endurance.
  • A bright smile and great personality

Some people also have a misconception that they can join some aviation course after 10th and they can become cabin crew. However, you need to be passed at least the 12th standard before applying for any job in any airline.

Each airline looks for different things in their flight attendants. A fundamental requirement for flight attendants is that they must be able to remain standing for a long period of time.

The job requires a lot of walking up and down aisles responding to requests and answering questions. Flight attendants also need to be able to reach the overhead cabins that hold the luggage.

The cabin crew stows their personal belongings in the overhead space, so all crew members need to be able to reach it. Most importantly, all crew members must be able to make their passengers feel welcome and safe on the plane. The job is still considered a service job, and part of the service is making the long flight as enjoyable as possible.

1.Qualifications required for an Air Hostess

This is the most beneficial thing about this job that it doesn’t require highly qualified candidates. That’s why most people find it as a lucrative career option without a higher degree

Most companies don’t ask for any specific degree or course for this job. However, 10+2 is the minimum requirement of every company. You need to be 12th passed with any stream and you can apply for this job easily.

However, it doesn’t mean that this job is very easy and they don’t need qualifications. You need to be very confident and mature while talking with people. These are the crucial points for a cabin crew so let’s discuss them in detail.

2. Communication Skills and Personality development

This is the most difficult quality which companies require for this job. Airlines are always looking for smart and good looking people for this. Because this is the job where you will work directly with the customers.

Especially international airlines take this skill seriously. As a result, 90% of the girls get rejected in the interviews. International airlines always look for people who can fluently speak and greet in English.

Getting selected in international airlines is not an easy task but it worths it. Most international airlines pay to start salary of 1 lac rupees a month.

That’s why they want very talented candidates in their airlines. However, no one can take birth with skills. You can always learn and change your behaviour skills.

3. Height and Age Requirements

This is again one of the common reasons for the rejection. If you don’t have the required height weight, you should forget this dream.

Air hostess jobs usually require a minimum height of 157cm. If your height is higher than 157cm so you are lucky.

In addition, airlines also need their candidates to be physically fit. You should not be underweight. They take your complete medical examination.

Age is the most common question for every cabin crew aspirant. There is not a fixed age limit for anyone. However, you should check their website because every airline has its own rules.

Most airlines ask for a minimum age of 21 years. Again, you need to check specific airlines because they have differentiation.

4. Physical Fitness

Now physical fitness is the most impossible criteria. Any kind of physically unfit people can be rejected.

Your bodyweight should be fit according to your height. You can also calculate your BMI by yourself.

Your eyesight should be perfect. Any kind of eye weakness may become the reason for rejection.

Many people take these medical requirements useless. However, it is not true. Air hostess career is not like any other job. You will be responsible for the life of hundreds of people on the plane. Any little mistake can be the reason for the plane crash.

They also provide your long training to become confident at the time of problems occur in the air. That’s why you need to be physically fit and can help anyone whenever they need it.

Cabin Crew Selection Process

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The majority of the airlines follow the same rules for the selection process. So here you will know the general principles of the interviews.

Written Test For the Selection of a Cabin Crew

Many airlines conduct a written test for all the aspirant candidates. This can help them to know about your basic intelligence and knowledge. You can always pass this test if you prepare a little bit for this.

Group Discussions

This is another part of the process. You will be joining a group of people. They will give you a topic to discuss. You need to confidently discuss the topics in front of a group of people.

Many people get hesitate in front of lots of people. That’s why they try to figure out your confidence in front of multiple individuals. You need to be calm and confident. You need to participate in the conversation at the right time.

You need to make your points with patience. You should not get aggressive or angry if someone is not happy with your point. They also check your patience with the people. Because sometimes crazy passengers can make a drama in the plant but you need to handle them without getting angry.

Verbal Interview

This will be your final process of the real interview in front of the senior HR Managers. They generally ask you normal questions same as any other interview. You need to be confident and pleasing personality so they can select you easily.

Flight Attendant Training and Courses

Although airlines don’t ask for any specific training or certificates for this job. But if you want to learn and understand the sequence of this job and interview. You can always join a reputed institute to learn some ethics of air hostess.

Many different institutions and training schools have their own programs to help you to become a successful cabin crew. You can always choose an institute according to your place and budget of the course.

Here are the examples of some top reputed Air hostess training institutes:

Applied Professional Advantage (APT), Kolkata,

  • Frankfinn institute of air hostess training, Delhi, Mumbai
  • Indigo Training Centre, Gurgaon
  • Jet Airways Training Academy Mumbai
  • Flying Queen Institute, Delhi
  • UFLY International Cabin Crew And Pilot Training Academy, Delhi
  • AirBorne Academy Delhi
  • Aptech Aviation & Pilot Training Academy, Delhi
  • Amigo Academy Institute, Mumbai

 Cabin Crew Course Fees and Cost

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Every institute or training center has their own fees and cost structure. You can always check their website or visit them.

But in general, Most institutes ask for 1.5 to 2 lac rupees for the course. If you can easily afford this money then you should definitely choose some course.

However, everyone has not required these courses these days. If your budget is not that much so you can always find information and content on the internet.

There are many people who got selected in international airlines without a single training. This is the generation of Google and people can find and learn almost everything on Google. In fact, you can find many helpful Youtube channels of the successful cabin crew.

So don’t bother yourself if you can’t afford any courses. Just be ready to take your dreams over the sky. Use your mind and do the hard work+smart work altogether. Our best wishes are always with you.

Best Companies to Get a Cabin Crew Job

Here is a list of top-notch airlines in India and abroad as well. Here you can easily apply and give interviews from your own city or any other city in India. Foreign airlines always visit India to conduct interviews with aspiring candidates.

So here is the list of top  airlines to get  an air hostess job:

How to Apply for an Air Hostess Job?

Each and every airline publish job vacancies on their official website career page. Do not trust any other job site or agent. You need to manually visit the airline’s official website career page.

There you can see the job posting details for cabin crew staff. They publish air hostess jobs from time to time, so you need to always check their website regularly.

Some airlines’ websites also have a notification system. You just need to subscribe to them and they will send you an email whenever a new job gets to publish.

All the airlines have their own set of rules for the selection process. You need to read their complete guidelines on their website. Many airlines ask for a specific dress on the interview date. So you need to be very careful about eligibility criteria.

Many airlines take 2 interviews while others take 3. You just need to search their career page on Google and you can find each and every piece of information to apply for the job.

For example, you can type “Spicejet careers” on Google. You will see the first result of the official indigo website. There might be a section “cabin crew”. You need to click on that and you can get all the jobs, requirements and eligibility for an air hostess job in SpiceJet airlines.

In addition, you can always check different YouTubers who are giving valuable advice for the requirements to get selected in this. Here is an example.

Can Male Candidates Become Flight Attendant?

Most boys don’t know that they can also apply for this job. However, they will be called flight steward and not an air hostess.

Actually, an air hostess flight attendant is a very ancient word. Now, this job is mostly considered as cabin crew.

So boys are always able to become flight steward and their eligibility and other things would be the same as girls.

However, it is true that vacancies are very few boys in this industry. As you know, Most cabin crew staff is female on every plane.

Rumors about Female Cabin Crew Staff

Air hostess salary

I have seen many people spread unrelated rumors about this lucrative career option. This is very sad to know that our country still doesn’t accept this career as a respected job.

Most people believe that this job can hurt the dignity of their family. In addition, many people also believe that cabin crew staff is always characterless and they don’t have a personal life respectfully.

However, this is not true in a single sentence. It’s very hurtful that people in our country still don’t believe in girls’ education and their career prospects.

This is the right time to change all of these theories. Many people are growing successfully with this career option. We also need to change this old mentality from our country.

Can Dark Skinned Girls Become Air Hostess?

This is the most popular rumor among people that only fair and white skin ladies can become air hostess. Many girls quit their dreams only because of their complexion. Although, this is not the reality. This picture below from an airlines can clear your doubts. There is no criteria like fair skin in this industry.

black air hostess

If you have talent and skills to help passenger on board, you can become an air hostess easily. The most crucial thing you need is communication skills. It is also true that you need be fluent in the languages of the respected countries. For instance, you need to be fluent in hindi to join Indian airlines.

There cannot be a criteria on the basis of color, cast or religion. The only criteria is to be talented. If you believe in yourself, you can acheive all of your dreams.

To Sum Up

Finally, this is the end of this guide. we hope now you got all the information to become a successful Air Hostess. 

Cabin crew is always the best career option for people who cannot afford higher education for any reason.

If you still have any questions in your mind. Feel free to leave your comments below. And if you feel this post helpful, don’t forget to share this post with your friends. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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