16+ Fastest Ways to Get Free PayPal Money in 2023

16+ Fastest Ways to Get Free PayPal Money in 2023

Who doesn’t like free PayPal money directly in the bank account? Imagine those extra dollars crediting in with your monthly salary! Wouldn’t it be a great thing? Luckily you don’t have to put in much effort to make money online.

If you have ever used an online app or website for gig work, you might know how difficult it gets to get a decent amount in the bank.

Most platforms will ask you to refer people, which is usually impossible for normal people. Some will ask you to work for insane hours to earn pennies, while others will turn out to be a complete scam.

Because of these problems, most people think that online earning or free PayPal money is a scam. Let me tell you that it’s not.

free paypal money

However, no one will give you free PayPal money, but we found some legit platforms that are free to register, easy to work, and got enough positive reviews to show that they are legit and will surely pay for your efforts.

Here are the Best and Fastest Way to Make Free Paypal Money

Before starting, please register and verify your PayPal account to receive international payments. Also, check if PayPal works in your country; if not, most of these websites won’t work for you.

1. PayPal referral program

The easiest and fastest way to earn free PayPal money is to refer your friends to PayPal. The website has a referral program where you can send 1 cent to your friend who doesn’t have a PayPal account, and you both get $10 in your bank account.

However, your friend must register using your link and be a first-time user of PayPal. You can earn up to $50 by referring a maximum of 5 friends.

It’s one of the easiest ways as most people don’t use PayPal, so it won’t be hard to find those trusted contacts that bring you extra money.

Payment methods – The amount directly gets added to your PayPal account.

Minimum withdrawal – No withdrawal limit as PayPal automatically transfers it in your bank account.

The time it takes – Usually, within 24 hours, you will get the amount. The maximum is taken around two weeks.

2. Get a simple job on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for exchange or freelance services—the minimum it pays is $5 per gig. It used to pay $5 for every gig when the website was started, but now it pays more.

Don’t worry if you are not a professional freelancing expert because some gigs on Fiverr are super easy to complete and pay the best. You get paid to shoot pranks, remove background from images, write handwritten notes, and many more.

Browse the simple categories and post an ad on Fiverr. It’s free to register, but it’s competitive, so you might have to wait for days or even months for an order to arrive. We recommend you register for multiple gigs as it increases your profile visibility.

Payment methods – Multiple payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, and direct bank transfers.

Minimum withdrawal – You need a minimum of $5 to place a withdrawal request on Fiverr.

The time it takes – It depends on the method you are using for withdrawal. However, you will receive your payment within a week in most cases.

3. Play games on Mistplay to earn

Mistplay is a free mobile gaming app that rewards you points for playing games, clearing multiple levels, and reaching a milestone in the app. They don’t directly pay Free PayPal money, but you need to accumulate reward points which you can later redeem to your account.

They have plenty of games, including the most famous ones. You will surely enjoy playing and earn some extra money with that.

Mistplay is free to register, and the app claims to have paid over $16 million in rewards.

Payment methods – Digital gift cards and PayPal

Minimum withdrawal – You need to collect rewards worth $5 to place a withdrawal request.

The time it takes – The payment arrives within 48 hours.

4. Try Usertesting.com

UserTesting pays you to test websites and apps. Every new app requires external user feedback before it gets available for common use. Developers pay users like you and me to use the app or website and share feedback like how it works? Are there any bugs? Is it easy to navigate? And more.

It is one of the best platforms to earn free PayPal money, as most studies will pay you around $10. Thousands of payment proofs are available on the Internet, showing the app is legit, and people earn around $100 to $150 per month using this website.

However, the registrations are currently closed, and you might have to join the waitlist. But it is worth waiting for because it’s a legit website that pays directly in the bank, and you get a decent amount, not pennies!

Payment methods – The website has a single payment option that is PayPal.

Minimum withdrawal – There is no minimum withdrawal limit. Whatever you earn, you can withdraw.

The time it takes – Usually, your payment will arrive within a week.

5. Do small research with Shopkick and make free PayPal money

Shopkick is one of those apps that pays you for physical work. The free app is an amazing combination of market research, mystery shopping, and online surveys.

It’s full of jobs that ask you to visit a nearby store and click product, poster, or logo images. It helps the brands to identify is their marketing is effectively applied or not. In return, they pay you free PayPal money.

So, if you are willing to properly use your weekend while earning extra money for things you usually do, like shopping, try the Shopkick app as it’s free, and the jobs come with clear instructions that make them easier to complete your anyone.

Payment methods – Take a withdrawal in Paypal or a gift card like Amazon or more.

Min withdrawal – You need a minimum of $2 to withdraw.

The time it takes – Paypal takes it time, but gift cards instantly get credited.

6. Try the 1Q app

1Q is a survey app, but it’s different from other apps around. They provide you with short surveys that you can complete within minutes, and each survey will pay you a sum of $0.25.

It’s not a high-paying gig as you usually don’t receive a huge number of surveys instantly, but it’s an amazing concept where you don’t have to spend a lot of time screening questions and get kicked after that.

Also, the app has more users than jobs, which increases the competition, and if you don’t act fast, you won’t make money.

Payment methods – They only support PayPal payouts.

Minimum withdrawal – No minimum withdrawal limit.

The time it takes – The website immediately processes your payment, but it takes around 24 hours to arrive.

7. Earn Free Paypal Cash with Honey

Honey is a website owned by PayPal itself. If you love shopping and wish to get a certain amount of cashback every time you shop, try Honey. They have a tie with the most reputed brands and provide a decent 2% to 4% cashback on average.

You don’t have to use their website or app every single time you purchase. The website provides you with a browser extension that you can easily install on Chrome, Mozilla, or other browsers. As you browse the website, that extension will show the cashback you receive for a particular product.

Now that sounds easy and doable. It is a useful extension that saves you money every time you go shopping.

Payout methods – Get paid via direct PayPal deposits or gift cards.

Minimum withdrawal – You need a minimum of $10 to place a withdrawal request.

The time it takes – Anywhere between instantly or 24 hours.

8. Cashback from online shopping with Rakuten

Rakuten is the best website when it comes to cashback. Like Honey, they also provide you with a browser extension showing the amount of cashback you can receive for a particular product.

It’s a huge company tied up with over 2,500 brands that provide you with 40% cashback or even more on many products. It works in most countries, and to date, no other cashback was able to beat the percentage of cashback they provide, ease of use, and many other aspects.

Most people claim to have saved hundreds of dollars just because of Rakuten. The company even got a referral program that pays $30 if your referred user spends $30 on their platform.

Together, it is a reputable company that holds years of trust and the best website to earn free PayPal money in cashback.

Payout methods – You withdraw using PayPal or a paper check delivered to your address.

Minimum withdrawal – You need at least $5, or the balance gets carried over to the next month. It never expires.

The time it takes – The website pays every 3 months. It’s a long waiting game but surely worth it!

9. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the most famous website to earn money by completing micro gigs like playing games, referrals, signing up on websites, watching videos, searching the web, and many more.

In total, if you are looking for free PayPal money without investing a lot of time or effort, then Swagbucks is worth checking out. It’s a reputed website that withstands years of trust and paid hundreds of millions in payouts.

It’s a legit website with an amazing referral program. You can find multiple payment proofs on Reddit or other websites. It’s available in all countries, and an average user makes $50 per month on Swagbucks.

If you don’t mind doing small gig work that is usually annoying, then Swagbucks is the best platform to try.

Payout methods – They got multiple payout methods, including Paypal, gift cards from reputed stores like Amazon, decathlon, Target, and more. You can even donate your earnings to charity.

Minimum withdrawal – For PayPal, the minimum withdrawal limit is $5, and for gift cards, it is $3. However, it’s not constant and changes with time.

The time it takes – You need to verify your account, which usually takes one to 10 days. Once you are verified, the amount takes no time to arrive.

10. Survey junkie

If you are looking to earn free PayPal cash for completing surveys, then Survey Junkie is a great website to try. It’s an old and trusted website, so you don’t have to worry about default payments.

The website pays in points that you can redeem once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

The registration process is pretty easy, it works great on mobile devices, and you don’t have to worry about opportunities. It’s a decent website with many surveys available at any given time. Just log in, answer a few questions, and make money, simple as that!

Payment methods – You need a fully verified PayPal account for withdrawal, or you can directly transfer the amount in gift cards or bank accounts.

Minimum withdrawal – 500 points, which roughly accumulates for $5.

The time it takes – It’s one of those websites that offer instant redemption. Within minutes you will find the money in your account. It’s easy, and it works.

11. Prize rebel

Prize rebel is another reputed website that pays you to complete surveys. It’s super easy to signup on to the website, and you need 10 seconds to connect it with google and get your account activated.

The surveys are easy; they are based on your demographics and the information you added to your profile. So, most surveys are pre-screened and don’t disqualify you after 10 minutes.

We recommend you sign up on multiple survey websites, so you don’t get out of opportunities. Seeing those dollars crediting in regularly will surely boost your morale to earn more.

Payment methods – You can get paid via PayPal, gift cards, or bitcoin.

Minimum withdrawal – PayPal has no withdrawal limit, but you must have $5 accumulated in points in your prize rebel wallet for gift cards and bitcoin.

The time it takes – Normal users receive their payment within 24 hours, and gold users who have been working for a longer time and gained that trust get their payout within 10 minutes.

12. Crypto exchange referrals

PayPal is running a promotion offering a $25 bonus for selected users if your referral buys $25 worth of cryptos. It’s an easy money option but not for all.

Don’t worry if you are not eligible for the promotion, as you can register on any crypto exchange and benefit from their referral program. Like Coinbase pays $10, Binance has an amazing referral policy, NBX pays $5. Likewise, every crypto exchange has a policy.

Make sure you check the conditions before you jump in referring your friends. It’s one of the easiest ways to earn money which you can withdraw using PayPal.

Payment methods – Paypal, and it depends on the exchange. You can even take a direct transfer to your bank account.

Minimum withdrawal – Most exchanges usually don’t have a withdrawal limit, but you need to check personally.

The time it takes – The payment usually arrives within 24 to 48 hours. Contact the support if it takes longer than usual.

13. Make money with Inbox dollars

Inbox dollars is another reputed general rewards site like Swagbucks. You can get paid to watch videos, play games, browse the Internet, install apps, and more. The website is legit and holds years of experience. Hundreds of payment proofs on the Internet claim its legitimacy.

The website is based in the U.S. and won’t work for people living outside U.S. and Canada. If you live in the UK, use Inbox pounds; it’s run by a similar company and provides an equal number of tasks and surveys.

Inbox dollars are simple, easy to navigate, work fine on mobile devices, and come with enough opportunities that anyone can reach the withdrawal threshold within days. It’s one of those high-paying websites that you need to earn free PayPal money.

Payment methods – You need a verified PayPal account or withdraw using gift cards or direct paycheck delivered to your address.

Minimum withdrawal – A minimum of $30 to withdraw. That’s a bit much compared to other similar websites on the list.

The time it takes – Inbox dollars usually take 16 days to process your payment. You need to be patient with this website.

14. Simple tasks on Grinda buck

Like prize Swagbucks or Inbox dollars, Grindabuck is another mixed reward site that pays you small gigs like surveys, watching videos, trying to offer walls, installing apps, and more. It’s free to signup and works for all.

It doesn’t offer the same earning opportunities as its competitors, but it’s a great option to add to your list.

By signing up on this website, you will simply open up more earning opportunities. Just log in daily to check if any tasks are available, complete them, and make money. Most tasks on Grindabuck are easy and can be completed within minutes.

Payment methods – The website provides diverse payment methods, including PayPal as the primary option. You can withdraw using gift cards or cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Minimum withdrawal – For the first withdrawal, you need a minimum of $10, then the amount ranges from $1 to $10, depending on your level. It can be gold, silver, or bronze.

The time it takes – Almost instantly. PayPal might take a little time, but cryptos or gift cards are quick.

15. Prolific research for high paying surveys

Prolific is the best survey site where people make over $100 per month. It’s different from other survey sites as it doesn’t disqualify you after screening. Students or professors conduct prolific surveys, and some of them are very interesting to participate in.

However, the registrations are currently full, and you have to join the waitlist to make money on prolific. People usually compare it with Amazon Mturk as the website provides enough high-earning opportunities.

Every survey guarantees you a payment of $6.5 without disqualification. Don’t forget to complete your profile and install their extension; you need to grab the opportunity as it arrives, or other users will take it.

The competition on this website is immense!

Payment methods – The website works in selected countries, and for the U.S, Canada you can directly take a payout via PayPal. For other countries, you need to transfer funds to a Circle account (a peer-to-peer payment service). There’s a small fee, but the fee is waived if you transfer $25 or more to Circle.

Minimum withdrawal – All users need a minimum of $6.50 to place a withdrawal request. You just have to complete a single survey to withdraw the money.

Time to get paid – Once you complete a survey, it’s sent back to the researcher for review, and they get a maximum threshold of 21 days to approve or reject your study. If the researcher doesn’t respond, the prolific approves it after 21 days. In most cases, your work gets approved within a few days. Once approved, you will receive the amount in five business days.

16. Get your Cashback on Gas

Get upside is an excellent app that provides you with this unique option to get 25 cents per gallon in cashback whenever you fill your tank.

However, it’s not easy as using the browser extension. You need to activate the offer every time you purchase the gas. So, it’s not a passive earning option and requires a little bit of work, but it’s surely worth it.

An average user saves $2 to $2.50 every time he fills his tank. It depends on how much you drive but an option worth trying.

Payment methods – The app allows you to withdraw using PayPal, Gift cards, or e-cash.

Minimum withdrawal – There is no withdrawal limit, but each payout will cost you $1 in transaction fees.

Time to get paid – Usually within 48 hours.

17. Use the Shopkick app

Here we come to the last option on the list to earn free PayPal money. Shopkick is another mixed reward application that mostly pays you for market research, mystery shopping, and various other options.

The app will ask you to visit the nearby stores and click pictures of particular products, posters, or brand logos. It helps the brands to identify if their marketing tactics are working properly or not. Instead of hiring staff, companies pay small amounts to gig workers like you and me.

The website even allows you to earn points by purchasing designated items, scanning receipts, watching video ads, and more.

Payment methods – The only payment method they support is PayPal.

Minimum withdrawal – You need a minimum of $2 for withdrawal.

The time it takes – You don’t have to wait as the website settles the payment immediately.

Some faq’s related to free PayPal money.

We researched the Internet and found out that most of you asked the same questions about free PayPal money. So, to help you, we combined the most common questions that will help you with clear information.

1. Is there any website paying free PayPal money for signing up?

Those times are gone when websites are used to credit your accounts for just signing up using a referral link. Now, you need to complete some tasks to earn, and it’s not possible to earn free PayPal money just for signing up.

Most websites have a referral program that pays for bringing new users to the platform, but you get paid when your referral works and earns some money.

It’s not as easy as it used to be. If someone promises to pay you a high amount for signing up, you may fall victim to an elaborated scam.

2. Can you please suggest the fastest ways to earn free PayPal money?

If you are looking towards the fastest way to earn free PayPal money, we suggest you join the reputed websites like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, or other Micro tasking platforms.

You need to complete a few tasks, and your amount will be ready for withdrawal. It’s easy and doesn’t require any investment. Also, consider referring your friends for better earnings.

3. Do I need to be aware of any free PayPal money scam?

Of course, you need to take care of your online security as the number of scam websites is much more than the legit ones. We suggest you use a firewall and a trusted browser like chrome as they protect you from visiting harmful websites.

If any website is making insane earning promises like $50 per referral or $1 for visiting websites, then it’s a scam; stay away from that website. Earning free PayPal money is easy, but it requires you to work.

4. Is it possible to earn free PayPal money instantly?

No, it’s not possible. Making money is difficult, be it online or offline. You need to invest your time and efforts to secure a decent amount.

We suggest you register on multiple platforms to increase the number of opportunities you get in your inbox daily. Don’t rush to make a lot of money on the Internet instantly; you might end up losing money instead of making money.

5. Does selling on eBay a viable option to earn free PayPal money?

Selling on eBay was an excellent option to earn free PayPal money, but in the recent updates, eBay stopped accepting payments via PayPal.

Now you need to link your bank account to receive payment on eBay. It’s still a great option to earn money online but not via PayPal.

6. Does “PayPal money generator” or “PayPal money adder” a decent way to earn?

Plenty of apps on the play store claim to be legit and verified by play protect, but they are just other scams that suck out energy and time out of you. Of course, these platforms never pay and leave you with a scar of never trusting an online money-making website again.

Search for online reviews of trust pilot and other websites before joining any free PayPal money platform. Sites like “PayPal money generator” or “PayPal money adder” are scams and will never pay for your efforts.

7. What are the best platforms to get free PayPal cash codes?

There is no such thing as PayPal cash codes. Never pay a website for such codes. If you wish to purchase a PayPal gift card, buy it directly using the PayPal website or mobile app.

You need to add money to your PayPal balance and buy gift cards. Stay away from third-party websites as they are scams.

8. Do we have some legit apps that pay via PayPal?

Yes, many apps pay free PayPal money. Some include Honeygain, kolotibablo, multiple survey apps, walking apps, and more. Just search the Internet for PayPal money apps, and you will get a massive list.

At the same time, check reviews user comments before joining. The app may not be worth your time, or maybe it’s just another scam; beware!

9. Does walking to earn with Sweatcoin a decent way to earn free PayPal money?

Sweatcoin is an amazing app that pays you a decent amount for walking. You can accumulate earnings in points and get $1 per 1000 points. The higher withdrawal limit is a serious concern, but the sweatcoin app is legit and surely pays on time.

If you are looking for some extra rewards for the activity you already do, like walking, sweatcoin is a great option.

10. Can you earn enough through these apps to pay bills?

Even if you work full-time on these apps and websites, you will hardly be able to secure a decent amount to pay your bills.

These apps are a great option to earn extra money on the side but don’t depend on them for paying bills. As the work is not consistent and it’s highly competitive. Some days might be better than others but would never be enough to leave your daily job.


These are the best options on the Internet to get free PayPal money. They work the best when you sign up on many platforms, increasing the number of opportunities you get.

Signup for the websites and check your emails daily to find the number of tasks available. Complete those tasks to earn free PayPal money.

Also, don’t get fooled by insane money-making scams. Do your research before investing your efforts on any website.

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