Top 11 Store Management Software for Retail Management in 2023

Top 11 Store Management Software for Retail Management in 2023

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What is Store Management Software and Why You Need It?

A store management software helps to maintain the records of supply and consumption levels in the production department. This software manages the POS, transactions, and inventory records accordingly. It can also manage the processing and rejection of purchased items.

According to this research, the store management software market size crossed $3 billion in 2019 and it’s expected to cross $5 billion in 2026 having a CAGR of 5%.

The main purpose of this software is to ensure that the retail store drives more sales. It also helps the store manager to keep track of the materials needed for production and different departments in the workplace.

  • “Retailers are always buying too much.”
  • “Inventory estimates are rarely good.”
  • “A lot of money is stuck in lifeless inventory.”

If you start hearing these voices, you should try implementing store management software. By implementing store management software, you can not only keep your inventory in good order but also reduce unwanted or wastage of products.

What are the Features and Benefits of Store Management Software?

The choice of technology and its advantages

  • 100% web-based software
  • 24/7 access, web browser-based system, easy to use from anywhere in the world.

Works Online

The most efficient browser-based system minimizes compatibility issues. The program works on all operating systems, from Home Windows 98 to Vista, and even on Mac and Linux.

Easy to deploy the program

The deployed program will be done in the best way by us. The initial database configuration is an important part of any software system and is handled by a competent DBA.

All-browser support

These programs work on all known browsers, including Web Explorer 6, 7, and Firefox three.

Borderless clients

The browser-based software can accept an unlimited number of clients. Each consumer in the database is assigned the appropriate degree of consumption. A log of all activity is recorded, allowing you to better manage your program.

Extreme Help

The store management software companies also provide technical support and help. In case of any error or failure of this system, the support team will respond to your email within hours.

Registration Overview

The internet is live, so you’ll be notified within seconds of the transaction. This can make it easier for you to be available immediately to do additional work.

Automatic daily backups

  • The software can be hosted on a state-of-the-art server with automatic backups.
  • Once a week, tapes can be backed up.
  • Database backups will be sent to you upon request.
  • Monitor the efficiency and updates of your servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Since this system works in real-time, you can constantly monitor its efficiency.
  • As soon as an error occurs on the server, an email is sent to you. This can help you understand the critical situation and act quickly.
  • The entire experiment can be exported to Excel or PDF.
  • The printout of each experiment or transaction (voucher printout) can be exported to Excel/phrase or PDF.

Best of Store Management Softwares in 2021

1) Netsuite

The most foremost store management software available in the present market is Netsuite. It is designed perfectly for fast-growing businesses and also to enhance the performance of key processes.

Netsuite is a type of ERP software that helps you to create data-driven decisions precisely.

On one side it gives you total control over your inventory. This Netsuite software also manages the outbound logistics as the parameters are processed with utmost ease. It means that it brings unparalleled efficiency to the whole storage management process.

Features of Netsuite

  • There are various features of Netsuite
  • It provides a clear insight into the entire supply chain.
  • The features of automated invoicing and payment management make the work very fast.
  • It also has very intuitive dashboards.
  • As said it allows you to create various informed data-driven decisions.
  • It consists of a very efficient and proper management system of assets.

Let’s look over the pricing

If we talk about the pricing of Netsuite, It is totally based on the type of modules you choose and also based on the number of users.

What’s Unique in Netsuite

The uniqueness of Netsuite is its demand planning and the entire supply chain with the unique efficiency that it brings to its inventory management.

2) Epos now

This is a pose now store management software which is probably for small businesses or mid-range businesses. It also helps businesses with customer management, inventory management, and also retail accounting management.

There are various sectors where these retailers use pause now like furniture, athletic goods shops, grocery stores, and home decor, and also in clothing.

Epos now store management software includes various incorporation of the barcode scanner, automated discounts and electric scale, order cancellation, and many more.

Features of Epos now

  • Epos now store manager software helps to retail CRM software.
  • This software also helps to retail the management
  • It is the very best software for retailing of POS system
  • It assists in E-Commerce integration.
  • And very efficient in small business POS systems.

Let’s talk about the pricing

Epos now gives a very interesting feature off using its few features for free but you will get to use its all features only when you will pay $39.00 per month.

It is too good for the secured software with an excellent bar code reader and also a full reporting system.

3) Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is cloud-based store management software that was built in keeping in mind that it allows users to access it from anywhere and at any time. It is perfect for various types of businesses, This lightspeed retail software offers you very powerful inventory management, quoting, analytics, powerful inventory management, and various interesting features.

Best features of lightspeed retail

  • Lightspeed retail of very powerful inventory management and also product tracking features are available.
  • For managing a network of stores there is multi-store management.
  • You can also customize your product at lightspeed retail.

Let’s talk about the pricing

You can access all the features of lightspeed retail software easily by paying $ 99 monthly.

What’s unique in lightspeed retail

Lightspeed retail has a very powerful interface that allows users to control their processes of multiple stores at the same time without any problem and hassle.

4) Marg

Marg Software is the best software for SMEs software. This store management software has more than 800 support centers and also over 9 lakh users. For your store, this software has a centralized and very powerful control system and this software also helps you to manage the entire supply chain of your store with at most efficiency.

Best features of Marg

  • Marg software offers you a very powerful supply chain, powerful inventory, financial management, and fleet.
  • It helps you to generate the bill of materials easily.
  • Marg software consists of an invoicing feature for your store and it also has a very easy interface.

Let’s talk about the pricing

Marg software has two packages the first one comes in 7200, It’s a basic package and the second one is named as a gold edition which comes in 25200

What’s unique in Marg software

This stock management software provides you centralized control over all your business processes, Which includes purchase supply chain, inventory, customer relationship management as well as the employee.

5) Virtual Splat

Here you have the second cloud-based software for managing your inventory stock and other business processes. In this inventory management software, you can manage your business processes at any time from anywhere without facing any problem. Being among the best cloud-based software, This software is having a very easy-to-use interface and also consists of lots of customization options for the users.

The best features of Virtual Splat

  • Virtual Splat software provides proper inventory control and also proper store management.
  • It also provides to integrate several user accounts
  • Virtual Splat is integrated with sales tracking, Invoice generating features, billings, and sales forecasting
  • With this software, you can track inventory very efficiently.

Here the pricing is different, In virtual splat software, the pricing depends only on the quote provided.

What’s unique in virtual Splat

The most unique thing in virtual Splat is that it provides timesheet management and proper application which increases the efficiency of your business processes.

6) Easy ERP

Eazy ERP has very practical and user-friendly software. This stock management software is perfect for both types of enterprises whether it can be a small or as well as medium enterprise that is looking forward to enhancing their efficiency in business processes. It also provides proper financial management features and inventory. This stock management software permits you to boost the performance of your store.

The best features of Eazy ERP

  • It helps you to get a surety about proper control over your supply chain, store processes, and inventory.
  • You can also keep a tab on your finances with its account management feature.
  • This software manages your sales processes very efficiently.

Let’s talk about the pricing

This basic pricing policy of Eazy ERP begins with $4 which you have to pay only one time.

What’s unique in Eazy ERP

With this stock management software, you can easily set up your online store and manage projects and also maintain your quality control without any problem.

7) Retail Pro

Create a data-driven business with Retail Professional. This store management software allows you to understand your business performance and improvements in the real world, and combine insights from each channel and device in Retail Professional. Effectively manage point-of-sale terminals and retail.

The best features of Retail Pro

Retail Professional

  • Intuitive and customizable point-of-sale
  • Powerful pricing and promotions
  • Retail and Workplace
  • Efficiency and KPI reporting
  • Replenishment and inventory management
  • Customer and employee management
  • Available for iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Cell phones, laptops, and desktops

Let’s look over the pricing

Optimize your operations with integrations, plugins, and hyperlinks to SAP.

Pay as you grow. Buy your retailer now for $119/month for a first in-store customer and $99/month for additional customers.

What’s Unique in Retail Pro

For over 30 years, Retail Professional has provided a core platform and robust API to support retail management systems and sales levels tailored to local needs. Localization – from native language support needed for user experience to complex tax and reporting tasks – continues to be part of Retail Professional’s DNA.

8) Retail Zipline

A period of rapid change is going through Retail. However, change doesn’t have to be complicated. Ziplining your retail relationships can help you move groups faster, increase productivity and improve group visibility. It’s an easy way to coordinate online and in-store activities, align teams and execute in real-time.

The best features of Zipline

The best performance management software designed to improve cellular operations.

  • Unlimited tasks/investments/audits
  • Wherever you want
  • web-based dashboard
  • cellular applications
  • Mandatory reports
  • Photo galleries

Let’s look over the pricing

The pricing information for Zipline was provided by the software vendor or at publicly available prices. Final negotiations for the purchase of Zipline should be conducted with the vendor.

What’s Unique in Zipline

It is very useful to talk to different employees and managers. It is also easy to get. It makes it easy to communicate with everyone. It has a very user-friendly interface. It also allows us to be more accountable for the work done in our retail store prior to the implementation of Zipline. Overall, Zipline is the perfect store management software for small and large retail stores.

9) Shopkeep

This is another store management software on the list. Shopkeep believes that business is for everyone. They started by helping entrepreneurs work smarter, make data-driven choices, and deliver a better experience to their prospects. This philosophy permeates everything they do.

It is an organization rooted not only in code but also in tradition. Their values unite us, but variation encourages us. They do the most effective work of our lives and celebrate our successes when the opportunity arises.

The best features of Shopkeep

ShopKeep POS is now ShopKeep by Lightspeed. The same level of sales you believed in is now part of the Lightspeed family. Your checkout system will continue to be supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Let’s look over the pricing

Take your promotions into the future with Lightspeed’s all-in-one point-of-sale option. Lightspeed serves over 100 stores and restaurants worldwide.

What’s Unique in Shopkeep

ShopKeep has been serving business owners since 2008, and in 2020, they joined Lightspeed as Lightspeed’s ShopKeep. Now it has more resources and power to accelerate product innovation, ShopKeep POS will not go away, and the success of the products you promote will remain their top priority.

10. Zoho Inventory ( Best Store Management Software)

Zoho Stock could be a cloud-based inventory management software system that permits you to form and method sales and buy orders, also as managing inventory. It will be combined with online sales channels like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, also as looking carts like Shopify.

The best features of Zoho Inventory

This is an ideal solution for individuals and small online sellers who need quick and easy e-commerce accounting automation.

  • Add a quantity for 100 orders per month.
  • 1 gross margin sales channel… You can simply add one gross margin sales channel.
  • E-commerce accounting – submit orders, returns, sales tax, marketing, and other expenses to accounting. Supports accounting and transaction accounting.
  • Customized help.
  • Supported accounting platforms. QuickBooks Online (US, California, UK, Australia). Xero (US).

Let’s look over the pricing

The pricing information for Zoho Inventory was provided by the software vendor or at publicly available prices. Final negotiations for the purchase of the Zoho Inventory should be conducted with the vendor.

What’s Unique in Zoho Inventory

Inventory Management Platform Options

  • Central inventory database
  • Inventory level dashboard
  • Inventory history reports
  • Out-of-stock notification
  • Kits, kits, and options
  • E-commerce integration
  • Accounting Integration
  • Export/Import Information

11) Cin7

All the pieces that can work effectively to promote and grow what you promote.

Cin7 integrates your products, channels, stores, orders, store, workflow, and experience into one automated solution. They provide you with relevant information to help you understand your products. Provides tools for operations, finance, store, and e-commerce staff to work together more efficiently and easily.

Features of Cin7

  • Promote what you need. Simply promote your products online, wholesale, or retail. You can request all the integration, inventory, pricing, and softness you need.
  • Ensure your B2B prospects and customers see the right products, at the right time, at the right price, no matter where they shop.
  • With cin7, you’ll know exactly how your products are getting to their destination.
  • Whether you have a physical store, a showroom, or a pop-up store, it can process your orders exactly anywhere.
  • By combining channels, inventory, and accounting,  believe it can significantly reduce the price of selling your products across multiple channels and create new opportunities for product sellers.
  • They have material pricing plans. They provide customer counts, connections, and total sales to my e-commerce, wholesale and multi-channel plans.

What’s Unique in Cin7

Absolutely. Their sales team will develop the best answer for your promotion. They will clarify your options and costs, and develop our plans to attract additional customers, connections, and orders.


The core benefits of the Store Management Software are that they help to manage POS programs, CRM, Stock management, and inventory features.

This entry into new science and technology allows companies to quickly improve businesses by acquiring Store management software. Thus, they automate processes that would otherwise require management intervention to complete these tasks.

In addition, customers can get a real-time view of business activities at any point in the store – not only when they enter the workplace, but also in the store and on the production floor.

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