What is Predictive Dialer? Best Predictive Dialer Software in 2023

What is Predictive Dialer? Best Predictive Dialer Software in 2023

Most of the average sales representatives make around 30 to 50 calls a day. A calculation reveals that you spend sixty seconds per call just listening to dial tone. And there is no guarantee that anyone would pick up the call.

A sales consulting firm Brevert claims that it takes approx. 8 cold call attempts to find a prospect.

In today’s competitive marketing strategies, we mostly need to use previous data to utilize sales teams to their maximum potential and adjust the calling pattern. With the help of a predictive dialer, focusing on connecting rips with leads rapidly reduces the period of time sales teams waste significantly.

Predictive Dialer

What is Predictive Dialer?

Predictive Dialer is a type of software that automatically dials numbers from a list. It uses algorithms to remove busy signals, disconnected phones, answering machines, and no answers.

It dials a list of numbers at once, and then they remove dial tones and only pass the answered ones to your sales representatives.

To summarize, a predictive dialer allows you to engage only with those calls which are answered by authentic persons.

Besides, it does in a way that you can move through significant leads, which sets rapidly.

By dialing numbers ahead of time and connecting answered calls to agents, it improves agent efficiency in a call center campaign.

Until it detects a connection, a predictive dialer automatically calls numbers, and then it passes them to an available agent. A predictive dialer picks out the busy signals, no answers, voicemails, disconnected numbers, and so on.

What is the difference between an Autodialer and a predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer is a dialer that focuses on a higher calling rate by connecting to as many customers as possible. A predictive dialer use to dial multiple cell phone numbers at a time, then automatically connects to answered calls to the next available agent. In comparison to Autodialer, a Predictive dialer can place hundreds of calls at the same time.

On the other hand, an Autodialer places just one call after another. An Autodialer uses to remove the need for manual dialing; it’s a contact center tool and makes the agent’s work easier. It dials different phone numbers, and if someone picks a call, it directly connects it to the available agent.

Why is a Predictive dialer better than Automatic dialers?

Because of the predictive dialer’s ability to utilize call metrics to predict when human agents will be available to make further calls, they give their auto-dialing time to run in parallel with the agent’s availability.

If there is a rush at the call center, which means many agents are having conversations, it will stop or slow its outreach until it knows that agents are nearing the end of calls. Another helpful feature of their ability to dial multiple numbers at once. Its goal is to contact the appropriate number of leads at the appropriate time in order to maximize agent utilization.

These dialers got their start in the banking industry and were used for debt collection-type purposes. They have been around for 30 years. They began as hardware solutions; many companies now offer predictive dialer software.

It is a method, helps to maximize the sales team’s productiveness. Predictive dialing software uses various call metrics to predict when the next representative will become available to take a call and then dials the number of the person on behalf of the available agent. It continuously screens out the busy tones and disconnected numbers.

How Does a Predictive Dialer Work?

By dialing predictively, a dialer will switch from dialing many numbers at a time instead of one. It also struggles to connect prospects with sales representatives as quickly as possible by adjusting its calling pattern.

Here is the process which it uses to move through those calls.

When a predictive dialer calls a number, it hangs up the call in case of a no signal.

When it comes to other calls, it screens out the unanswered calls, busy tones, or voice mails and connects only with those calls which humans answer to your sales representative.

Now you are thinking, how does it know when a real person answers a call?


Because the algorithm of predictive dialer automatically beware for “hellos’, while ignoring other types of responses.

It’s crucial to note that a predictive dialer can work with even a single sales representative to answer prospect’s calls. But, if you want to get full advantage of it, you should have a team of a minimum of 10 salespeople.

Because dialer software will call an extensive list of numbers at a time, by using its various experienced algorithms, a predictive dialer can set a footstep at which they contact those numbers based on available sales agents.

So, the more agents log into the dialer’s system, the more leads the dialer can make. To utilize your agent’s time to its fullest, a predictive dialer will continually adjust the automatic call rate and increase your sales. It can do this by considering these call metrics:

  • The number of available sales agents to take calls. One person can also use the dialer software, but you must have a minimum number of 10 for agents logged in your system to use its full potential. Again, the adequate number of agents for using a predictive dialer is ten and more.
  • Length of conservation on average. The time your sales representative spends on each call will also decide the call ratio.
  • Average of dialed numbers before a person picks call: It helps to estimate how many digits should be dialed to avoid any contact dropping.
  • The ratio of dropped and answered calls: Predictive dialer struggles to bring agents closer to conservations, but it also tries to prevent responded calls to get dropped. Thus, the system automatically calculates how many numbers to contact to ensure the minimum abundant rate.

It is no surprise that it can boost your sales performance and can drive more sales. These are not the only benefits of a predictive dialer.

Benefits of a Predictive Dialer

Just think a little; you’re waiting a minute, on average, for connecting with someone, Right? Also, 30 seconds to a minute to log into the call and choose the number to dial. Besides, you are taking short breaks.

These gaps will become a little longer after every call you have made. On average, these gaps are for two minutes.

Even if you have a rate of 25% reach, still you are waiting for at least 8 minutes before talking to your prospect.

And if your reach rate is near to the average, which is 15%, then the results can extend to 10 minutes, maybe more.

What will be the result? Demotivation, waiting that much time means you are wasting your and your team’s time.

Now, here is the game-changer

A predictive dialer can reduce that interval between calls to just 3 seconds.

So what will be the result? There are a lot of benefits; you are going to have by using it.

  • It will lower the outbound calling costs. Less last time means greater conservations and more potential for making maximum sales.
  • It will boost your sales rate. A predictive dialer will inspect every call and remove all the negatives, pass over only the authentic and genuine calls answered by a natural person. It will boost your reach rates incredibly.
  • It will save you time. We have already discussed that physically dialing numbers can take a minimum time of 30 seconds. And this is without the time waiting for someone to attend the call and listening to the ringtone.

A predictive dialer eliminates this gap and results in reaching more conservation significantly faster.

  • It will give you additional time for each lead. It will also save your time, and you will not have to dial numbers manually. In this way, you will get more time for each lead.

You don’t have to worry and feel the pressure to go through the list of calls quickly. Rather, you can concentrate on what you want to do, contacting new potential prospects.

You will not only have more time for each but also boosting your drive and motivation.

Let’s be practical; your success in selling depends on your attitude. You know what? If you showdown feeling behavior on calling someone, your possibilities of engaging with them decreased significantly. Let’s correct your perspective, and trust me; it will affect the outcome of the call.

A study proved that the optimistic and energetic salesperson sells much higher than the spiritless and dull one.


Because by having the right sales motivation:

  • You will be able to make a better first impression and will be able to convey your message with a positive attitude.
  • By using a predictive dialer, you will be able to communicate your belief in the company and sound more energetic, confident, and enthusiastic. And all of us know very well that these all three qualities are highly effective qualities every salesperson should have.

It is precisely what you need to have before making that next call a successful call, Right?

Challenges of predictive dialers:

As you already know, a predictive dialer will bring you conservation faster, why, and how.

Sad to say, they also have some challenges for you and your sales team to deal with. Here are the common challenges that you have to face using a predictive dialer.

Unable to prioritize the leads:

A salesperson can prioritize leads; on the other hand, a predictive dialer cannot do so.

They can’t select specific prospects they would like to engage. And that’s why they often connect with people they know little.

But, there is a strategy,

When a predictive dialer connects a call, all the client’s information displays on the screen; this allows a sales agent to be familiar with the prospect by knowing about him from his data.

Besides, you can create a helpful lead list based on your preferred criteria by using brilliant views and search features.

Guess what?

This feature will allow you to prioritize leads based on the data points and specific metrics that are relevant.

A little call delay

Your company might experience a short, just 1 to 2 seconds long delay between a client picking up the phone and an agent joining the discussion

It’s because of the temporary time delay of the system connect an agent with the client. Even though such a wait seems to be very insignificant, but it could affect your dialing strategy.

FCC regulations in the US claim if you don’t get a response from the person on call within 2 seconds, the call will be considered abandoned. So the dialer should play the recorded message for the call recipient.

Further, FCC requires abandoning less than 3% a month from the companies using predictive dialing system.

A predictive dialer enables you to record a custom pre-recorded message.

Poor results when it comes to selling high priced items

At last, It does not often work for teams who are selling high-priced products or services.

Those companies must be acknowledged much about their leads to engage with clients. It is suggested that they create a context for the sales conversion before reaching out to their clients.

Top 5 Predictive Dialer Software in 2021?

So you see how a predictive dialer makes selling much fast and exciting.

Isn’t it?

Using this simple software, you will be able to save all the time you have wasted listening to voicemails or busy tones.

Here is the list of some famous predictive dialers:

Ring Central

This predictive dialer software is created to help every business to deliver a great customer experience. It provides a complete multi-channel solution and large customer extensive. It’s a type of dialer that includes interactive team messaging as native speakers to increase customer service.

It also removes corporate silos that prevent degrading customers and information sharing.


There many features of this predictive dialer, such as:

It software comes with many features such as One-click subject matter expert access, Skills-based routing, Integrated voice, webchat, email and social, Customer engagement analytics, Post-call surveys, Built-in CRM integration and APIs, Built-in CRM integration and APIs, Co-browsing, Graphical call flow design.

Built-in CRM integration and APIs, Queued and Web Callback, Supervisor feedback in real-time, Predictive outbound campaigns, Quality, collaborative performance management, Advanced speech, and interaction analytics, Unlimited calling within 46 countries, fully context-aware of the customer journey.


Five9 is a tremendous predictive dialer tool to use and a leading provider of cloud center software. It brings a maximum number of 2000 active customers worldwide. It fascinates more than 5 billion minutes of calls annually.

It has led the cloud revolution in communication centers and delivers software to help organizations of every size transition from assumption-based software to the cloud.

Wanna have more info about this fantastic software?


It is a web-based predictive dialer and is a functional CRM for fundraising, telemarketing, and appointing schedule businesses. Most of the clever campaigns optimize your call center efficiency. It does it by automating contacts & call flows to ensure that you will have the opportunity for high conversion.

This fantastic module allows you to integrate and automate anything you could imagine. Please take a look at events and respond according to them.

Featured In:

  • Best facility of use
  • Best Value used
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  • Best Used

It is used in a variety of industries. All of these industries share a common goal: to improve and streamline their outbound calling systems. The number of users ranges from one to several hundred.


It is a powerful predictive dialer and sales acceleration platform that is effective for sales teams of all sizes. It can help your sales agents increase calls, callbacks, and live conservations by up to 400%. It accomplishes this by automating post-call workflows and streamlining time-consuming processes.

Here are some key features of this predictive dialer:

Emailing, Dialing, Contact Management, Powering millions of calls for thousands of clients every month, without a credit card, Lead Distribution, reports.

Available to try for free,­

Nothing to install; start dialing in minutes, Drop voicemails in one click (no waiting for the beep), Send one-click emails based on all results, Track email opens, link clicks, & attachment views.

Custom disposition sets automate pipeline management, Record calls, Transfer calls, Get advanced reporting and agent analytics, Retarget leads with ads around the web, Facebook, and Twitter.

Automatically and intelligently distribute information to your team Use your included CRM or integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, or custom integrations through your API, No connection delays Period, Manage, tag, categorize, sort leads with ease.

In the end, needless to say, a Predictive Dialer can increase your sales incredibly, so you should try it; please let me know in the comments section if this information was helpful to you?


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