Online Business In India Without Investment (2023 Update)

Online Business In India Without Investment (2023 Update)

Top Legitimate ways to Start Online Business in India

Online business in India without investment has become drastically easy after the revolution of cheap internet connectivity and the availability of smartphones.

As the world growing and changing tremendously day by day. India is also going to create many opportunities for online businesses. Especially when you want to do it without any investments.

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There are hundreds of online business ideas occurring every day. The world is becoming dependent on the internet. From e-commerce platforms to home delivery food services, everyone is trying to transfer their business online. It might be anything like a  website or an app.

Accessing services through a cheap internet connection has taken place of many offline services. Therefore, online business opportunities are increasing day by day. Let’s first understand the aspects of online business in a country like India.

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What is the present situation of Online Businesses in India?

As you know, India has a huge population of 1.33 billion people. While people have to face different kinds of problems with this huge population. It also gives us a huge market for different business plans.

Evaluation of cheap internet services and smartphones gave a huge marketplace for online business owners. The eCommerce platforms have transformed the way business is done in India.

The E-commerce market value of India was worth around $3.9 billion in 2009. It grew up to $12.6 billion in 2013.

Our Indian eCommerce market is expected to rise to $200 billion by 2016 from $38.5 billion as of now.

The Indian government is also supporting and encouraging people with many new programs such as Digital India, Make in India, and Startup India to support online businesses in India.

All these things are helping people to create their online presence and make more money than offline customers.

Best Online Business Ideas In India (No Investment)

1. Blogging:

Blogging is the most reliable online business to earn money easily. You just need to create a website, publish blog post articles, and place ads to earn money. is a free platform to create a blog and make money online. You can create a website for free here and publish articles on any topic of your choice. After publishing few quality articles, you can apply for Google Adsense to earn money. You can read here briefly how to earn $1000/month money with Google Adsense?  

Blogging is a easiest and fast way to earn money online. However, you just need to choose a topic for blogging that has lower competition.

You can easily start making money after Blogging for 2-3 months continuously on a low competition niche.

Moreover, there are also many bloggers who earn more than $10000 a month. To reach at this level of earning. You need to keep more patience and have to invest a minimal amount of money as well. is a free platform to create a blog and earn money. Nevertheless, it has many limitations to increase your blog business at a professional level.

You need to buy a hosting plan and a domain name to create a self hosted website.

Here you will have each and every control on your website and its design. You can create unlimited content with many different customized themes.

You can read here a complete guide on How to Start your blog and Earn $1000/month step by step process.

2. PTC Sites

PTC Sites are the easiest online home-based job sites. There are thousands of PTC sites in the market. However, most of them are fake and some are real. That’s why I created a list of the most trusted PTC sites here.

There are many different jobs available on these sites. You can take online surveys, complete tasks, watch videos, click ads and many more.

They have many different tiny jobs which can be easily done with few clicks on your screen only. You just need an email address to register here and a bank account to receive payments. Then you can receive payments by many different methods like PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Payza, etc.

You just have to work consistently and you will get paid for every click. Pay-per-click ad jobs are easy to do but hard to find. You need to focus on your job and you can earn passive income regularly.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another option to start your online business in India. Like many other businesses. It is also a marketing business.

Lots of companies in the world world run affiliate marketing program to increase their sales. You just need to sell their products to your audience.

They will pay you a good percentage of commission on the price of the product.

For example, amazon affiliate is an amazing option to start affiliate marketing. You just need to visit amazon affiliate website and register with your email address and account details.

After registration and verification, they will provide you a specific affiliate link with your referral id. You can share this link anywhere on internet.

As anyone will buy product using your affiliate link. You will get a commission on every sale.

You can either create a blog to share affiliate links or you can share links on your social media accounts too. If you are using Facebook, twitter, youtube or any other social media website from a long time.

If you have a good amount of followers or subscribers. You can easily share you affiliate links and encourage your audience to buy products from your link.

You can also read a more relevant Complete guide on Affiliate Marketing by Neil Patel.

4. SEO Specialist

Seo still looks like a technical term for many people in this world. Search engine optimization is a process to increase the potential ranking of a website on Google.

Every website owner wants to rank higher on Google search results. It will increase their business and sales. Seo specialists do this job easily and make their website more trusted for Google.

You can learn SEO by taking some 4-6 month course or you can also learn it online. However people trust more on certified people. After that you can easily sell your SEO services to any website businesses.

People want to establish their online business but they don’t have time for these SEO tactics. SEO experts can easily make more than $1000 a month on a regular basis.

5. Fiverr: Sell digital Services (Online Business Platform)

Fiverr is the most reliable online business platform for techy people. If you can create logos with photoshop or you know graphic designing or web designing. Here you will find jobs for every digital industry.

You can also do many jobs here such as article writing, copywriter, web development, video creation, voice over recording etc. You should just visit once and you will see what can you do.

Here you need to first analyze the categorize. Look which category suits perfect with your skills. Now create an account and create few gigs to describe your services. You can sell your services for $5 – $3000.

The most critical and impossible thing with Fivrrr is to get you first order. It is too difficult to get your first order on fiverr. It is because there are thousands of people selling their services.

I was also facing this issue few months back. However, I found a decent trick to start getting orders on Fiverr. I wrote a detailed to describe that trick to get your first order on Fiverr. You can Read Here.

6. Youtube (Growing Online Business opportunities in India with Zero Investment)

Online business in India has become so popular among people after evolution of Youtube.

As we all are already familiar with youtube and its business idea. In case you are still new with youtube. Read this guide on How To Earn Money On Youtube.

Youtube is operated and owned by Google. You can create a channel here to upload your videos. After continuously uploading videos, you will start increasing your subscribers.

After getting at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch hour on your channel. You can easily put ads on your videos using Google Adsense.

Youtube is a fastest growing search engine and taking place of Google day by day. People are preferring videos over text articles. Youtube is already giving online jobs to thousands of people.

You just need to become consistent on Youtube to provide quality content for your audience. Youtube is already transferring television audience towards internet.

It has many huge opportunities in the future. So don’t waste time anymore and create your channel on Youtube now.

Are Online Business Profitable in India?

Online businesses are really profitable. There are many countries and every country have a different buying power.

In a country like India, online business is not just as easy as in countries like US, UK or Canada. Here you can get lots of people but they really don’t have that much buying power.

If you are targeting Indian audience for your online business, you might have change your mind. However, if you could provide some low price services in India. Then might be you could get a huge sales.

Low price products are easy to sell in a market like India. It is because many people are not that much interested in online products.

Youtube is a good option in India, Because Indian youtube traffic has grown tremendously in recent years. It is all because low cost internet connection are available there.

Blogging and Youtube are becoming most successful online business

It is true that AdSense gives you low CPC rates in India, but you could make additional money by taking sponsored reviews and videos. Because Indian youtubers are getting huge success in last couple of years.

There are lots of people choosing youtube as a career. It is because many people want to become a celebrity. And youtube is a great platform to make you celebrity.

There are millions of creators on youtube but only the better one are getting succeed. Youtube has a less number of content creators right now. Therefore, every new creator have more chance to get their channel on top.

You just need to focus on your content. Many people just copy paste the content and upload which is not helpful to grow on youtube. You need to be unique and consistent.

There are many other online businesses where you could start working. Online courses are becoming much popular these days. Thousands of people are creating online courses to teach people.

There are many options where you can create an online course. In every industry, people want to learn and gain the knowledge. If you have keen knowledge on any subject. You could definitely create an online course.

You can easily promote you courses or products on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on any social media. ROI on social media marketing is very high. Most of the people use this social media platforms. That’s why, you can easily promote your things.

However, blogging is another best way to promote your online products. In fact, many experts say that investment on blogging is more efficient than on SMM. You can grow your blog for a long time by investing a one time amount.

Seo is the key factors to gain organic traffic on your blog. Investment on SEO is always a better choice to grow your business. It is because its a one time investment to get long lasting traffic on your blog. While you need to continuously invest on social media ads to sell your products.


Here you know all about starting your online business in India to be succeed.

There are many online marketers who are already earning thousands of dollars each month.

You could also make all that possible. You just need some perfect guidelines to start.

I am always working on to find best methods to make money online. You can subscribe to our newsletter so that you can easily get a notification on every latest post and updates.

I also want to know your personal opinions on the condition of online businesses in India which will be surely helpful for many other people.

I hope guys you liked this post and got some useful information. Feel free to share this piece of content with your friends. 


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