Top Notch Ideas to Get Paid to Advertise on your Car in 2023

Top Notch Ideas to Get Paid to Advertise on your Car in 2023

Are you looking to put advertisements on your car and make a side income from it? Buying a car is easier than maintaining one. Suppose you have your work based on meeting with different people all day; moving with a vehicle of your own costs you a lot. Not only work but there are lot more things that make you drive long distances, connecting two different directions. Whether you are out for office, market, gym, party, relatives, all in a day makes you spend a lot on your petrol or gas. What if the transportation earns you something instead of the expenditure.

Advertise on car

Advertising on your car is a good way of turning your car expenditure into passive earning. You can make a considerable amount of income by advertising on the vehicle. Many companies are there in the market that pay you well by just putting some stickers.

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Best Paying Companies to Advertise on Your Car

If you want to earn some extra dollars advertising your car, then here are the three preferable companies that help you out with it.

1. Nickelytics

There are tons of advertising companies over the internet who are up to a long list of offers and discounts. But on a reality check, they never fulfilled all those promises made. Nickelytics has a reputation among its customers, and the income it generates is designed according to the normal route and ease of the driver. We should thus have a review of the working methodology of Nickelytics.

How to get connected with Nickelytics

To enroll with the company, you have to download the app and fill up the required credentials to get registered as a driver. The app needs to know a bit about your driving habits and your car also, the common routes and distance covered in a day. Further, the app needs to connect you while driving, and then it gets the campaigns accordingly for you to select from. Once you have chosen the desired campaign, the company should install it within your program.


  • The most prominent benefit of being connected with the company is its reputation. It has its ventures with the most popular brands and has built a good name in the market.
  • Nickelytics has an evolving approach and delivers a client-motivated response. It has a growing prospect and bright future ahead.

Limitations :

  • To work with Nickelytics, the vehicle model shouldn’t be older than 10 years. The physical condition of your car must be without any damage to qualify for Nickelytics.
  • The company needs a minimum mileage requirement of at least 30 miles in a day, 150 miles a week, and 450 miles in a month to be qualified to work with.

Expected Earnings:

After working with Nickelytics, drivers can earn between $175 to $250 in a single campaign, sometimes as high as $500. The campaign can last up to 3 months and a minimum of 7 days.

2. Wrapify

Wrapify is a company that collaborates with top advertisers and helps the drivers earn a good amount of income. Paying to the drivers based on the miles they travel, Wrapify was started in 2015.

Getting Connected With Wrapify

To get ads from Wrapify, you first have to download the app and sign up for it as a driver. After getting signed up, follow the instructions to proceed and receive the campaigns. The app will monitor your driving habits, miles you cover, etc., and then accordingly offer you the campaign. After registering with the campaign that suits you, get going with the extra income!


  • Getting connected with Wrapify ensures you a good income with easy payments direct to the driver.
  • The payment is based on the distance covered by the car and also within the proximity of the advertiser location, usually within 50 miles.
  • The campaigns are short-term based between 1-3 months, not very long commitments.


  • The drivers have to undergo many background checks like any accident reports or so, and also the age must be greater than 21.
  • To get connected with Wrapify, the car model must be after 2009 and free from any considerable body damage.
  • In case of contract termination before its time, one has to pay the termination charges.

Expected Earnings:

Wrapify can cause you earnings from $196 to $452 in a month based on the distance traveled.

3. Carvertise

Founded in 2012, Carvertise is an advertising company connected with many drivers and has its head office in Delaware. The company has hired thousands of drivers associated with different private cabs companies.

Getting Connected with Carvertise

To get connected with Carvertise, you have to fill in some basic details on the company website. After filling out the form, the company will assess the campaign matching your eligibility, and you can start with it. After setting fully and completing all the formalities, the company begins the advertising campaign and pays you directly for it. You can earn $100 minimum for advertising your car per month. The campaign lasts 3 months, and you can make $300 at the end of the campaign at least.


  • The company also pays for parking in certain areas. You can earn some extra cash back by parking your car in certain places at certain time ranges.
  • The number of campaigns is not fixed; instead, you can opt for or leave any campaign. You can also choose as many campaigns as you want.


  • There is a minimum requirement of covering 30 miles per day. Less than this is not considered by the company to be hired.
  • The car should not be older than the 2008 model.

Expected Earning

The company pays you well for its campaigns. You can earn from $300 to $1200 from a single campaign.

Companies that do not Work Well to Advertising for your Car

When we search for the companies that are well off at paying for advertising on cars on the internet, a long list appears on Google. All of them are not worth considering for choosing to connect with. Companies like Nickelytics, Wrapify, and Carvertise are very renowned and trusted to be associated with. But many of the searched lists cannot be relied on and have some considerable flaws. Some of them are discussed below-

Free Car Media

Why we unlisted them:

This website is a bit problematic while signing up. Different unrelated links pop-up while visiting the page. Clicking to any useful appearing links can take you to a separate page that is not linked to car wrapping.

Referral Cars

Why we unlisted them:

This website is not a trusted source as it can redirect the users to a different page that is not even secure. Sometimes, signing up is not possible because it turns back to the homepage only. New users also find it very difficult to log in and use the website. It is estimated that the site could be inactive for very long.

Sticker Ride

Why we unlisted them:

The website is very risky to use as it may contain malware that can corrupt your computer. Also, the customer care service is very pathetic. The app reviews are not so good for this site.

Type of Ads that Companies Place on Cars

Placing Ads on your car has different execution for different companies. Each of them has different strategies while placing the ads on your vehicle. Some of them use decal stickers, while some use vinyl car wrapping. The size of the ads also ranges from small to cover the whole car. The quality makes it look like having painted on the vehicle. The duration of the contract is very small, so the stickers are removable and not permanent. Also, the vinyl stickers are harmless for the car and do not cause any damage to the paint of the car.

Qualities of Authorized Car Advertising Companies

Finding a legitimate car advertising company is somewhat difficult because we often fall across many scams and fraud websites. So it is necessary to do some research before opting for a trustworthy company. Here are some points that we should consider before choosing an advertising company-

Application Method

An authorized car advertising company has a proper application channel. An authentic company follows procedure to look into the driver’s history, car condition, and some must detail about the car. Any good company should inquire about all those details, and the one without them can be a fake one.

No Application Fee

Any legitimate company does not charge any application fee or other type of charges while applying or making you advertise on your car.

Insurance is Must

Any reputable company needs to see your car’s insurance and not work without them. Car insurance is an eligibility criterion for an advertising company for hiring you.

No Extra Charge for Application or Removal

Any legit company does not charge for the car wrapping application and removal. The process is free for the car owner, and if anyone does this, it can be a scam.

Good Customer Service:

Any authentic company has a good working customer care service. Without a correct, functioning email and phone number, the company can also be fake.

Other Income Sources for Cars

Apart from driving, there are other ways also that you can earn free paypal money from your car. You can use your vehicle for delivering packages while your regular work. You can also use it for delivering food at lunch if you have some spare time. If your car does not run regularly, You can give it as rent to earn some extra cash. Managing two or more options can add up to the dollars. It’s up to you how to utilize your car’s maximum and earn extra income too.

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