Blogging Success: Failure Is Success

Blogging Success: Failure Is Success

What happened to all the bloggers?

Just recently I decided to categorize my RSS feeds I had in my reader. As I did this I rediscovered blogs I had forgotten but I also found that many blogs I had grown to love had stopped posting.

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What occurred to make these bloggers feel they needed to cease writing? The first blog had no excuse, just the most recent post in November 2016 showing no signs of the author wanting or needing to stop. I headed to another, I saw the same result. Then another and another. I found many blogs with the latest post talking about the writer’s favorite subject, then nothing thereafter.

I wondered why they quit. Many did give explanations like they became bored with blogging, they started offline jobs that limited their time to manage a blog or a few even decided to take a month off to revamp their blogs. Legitimate excuses in my blogger eyes and I wish them the best.

Yet I know many bloggers found what they believe is blog failure.

What is failure?

Basically, failure is the state of being unsuccessful; not reaching the desired effect or goal; not getting the desired plan or attempt.

It looks like failure relies on success. Success is achievement, failure is non-achievement. They are intertwined. Could it be that success is reliant on failure? Should I go so far as to say failure is success?

Blog failure and the beginning of success


Years ago I had a “green” blog. It was my story about an attempt to be more environmentally friendly. Offline I was very successful in this venture but my blog was not. I was lucky to get 10 visits a day for over a year! And no comments. This is definitely a slow dying blog. I kept telling my story but nobody came. I failed at blogging, so I quit.

What did I do wrong? At the time I did not know, so I quit. I know now that I never researched how to become a successful blogger, I just quit. Quitting is not a good feeling to follow one around.

Years later I am back but this time with a different state of mind, my blog will not fail. How do I know this? I have an arsenal of knowledge this time around. And I am aware that small failures or mistakes do not equal the death of my blog as a whole.

I know proficiency in certain aspects of blogging like knowing who my audience is and writing for them, search engine optimization and social media all attribute to blogging success. I would have never realized this if I hadn’t failed years previous.

I am prepared for failure

I know now that I need to research, practice and find help when needed. I know that setbacks like lost traffic, no comments or little income are all things within my own control to fix.

My failures now and in the past have driven me to feel the need to succeed. Without knowing failure I could not know success.

You see, “Failure is Success”. They are intertwined. To know one is to know the other, but only if you try.

The key to successful blogging is persistence. Never stop learning how to succeed, adapting when you fail and knowing when to move on to something else.

Always ask yourself:

  • What did I do wrong?
  • How can I fix it?
  • Should I try something else?

Overcoming blog failure

Consider failure as a learning tool or step to better things. When something goes wrong learn not only what happened but why it happened. Let me give you an example.

I noticed my traffic has leveled off in the last few months. My usual readers and commentators are there as always supporting me but my blog feels static in terms of new eyes on it.

This does not settle well with me. Through research I learned that I need better marketing plan, seo and more social interaction. I could have just let it be but I know a blog like that is destine for death. On the Internet, static equals death.

My inadequacy to keep my blog growing made me realize I can’t just sit and feel sorry for myself or blame others for not coming, I realized I needed to pick up and do something about it. I needed to learn, adapt and take action.

Celebrate Failures

Have you ever heard of “mixed blessings”? They are the instances in life when something bad happens but soon after something positive happens. Failures are “mixed blessings.”

Consider them “steps”, “attempts” or “trails” to better opportunities.

Do not dwell of failures. Consider them learning experiences that will make you stronger. Celebrate that you tried your best, failed yet have the opportunity to try again, this time even harder.

Failure is simply the beginning of success with the right knowledge and mindset.

Blogging and Failure

I have been a blogging failure. Statistically speaking, simply starting a blog you are destine to fail. But if you are like me, you feel the urge to be successful at blogging and making good internet income.

You know that internet, social media and blogging are the future of online business. My hearty wishes for your blogging success.

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