8 Ideas to Enhance and Look Amazing Your Instagram Pictures

8 Ideas to Enhance and Look Amazing Your Instagram Pictures

Not everyone has the opportunity to hire a photographer or graphic designer to help with the organization of visual content on Instagram. Meanwhile, the picture plays the biggest role – people really like a nice image, and the degree of its pleasantness will directly affect sales (if you are a brand that is promoted through Instagram) or the number of subscriptions to the profile. As we have already said, not everyone wants to spend money, but everyone wants to succeed online, so in this article, we will look at some useful tips that will allow you to improve your visuals without spending a lot of money.

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Work with the Light

If you have a great camera, but there are problems with lighting sources, or you don’t understand at all how light works in a photo – this part needs to be done better. Experiment with one frame by changing the way the object is illuminated in the foreground – use different angles, and if you are indoors – light sources with different power. If you regularly need to take subject pictures, we strongly recommend that you purchase a ring lamp; fortunately, there are so many of them now that you will definitely be able to find an option that you can afford.

Work with the Color

Faded frames should remain somewhere in the 2010s, now people like juicy and natural colors. We do not recommend using unnatural filters. If you want to correct the colors in the photo, use the usual adjustment and do everything by eye, and then compare with the source code – if the difference is too big and catches your eye, it’s better to soften it. Anyway, on the web, you can find a lot of presets with settings that will tell you how it is best to adjust frames’ colors for various specializations: portraits, subject shooting, landscapes, and so on.

Don’t stay in one Place

A common problem with profile photos is that all photos are taken in one or the same several places. Your best friend is diverse, and this applies to everything: not only the place but also the clothes that you are wearing, other people in the frame, and the objects that you are shooting. If you are advertising a product, dilute the feed with photos of specialists who worked on it, photos of the production, personal stories about the creation of the brand and your work on it, and so on.

Don’t forget about the Video

You may have met profiles in which each post is a video, and you may also have noticed that there are always more subscribers and likes in these profiles. The fact is that the photo is gradually fading into the background, and if earlier we uploaded videos to the network extremely rarely (heavy editing tools, slow Internet did not allow us to upload large–sized videos, and so on), today we do it every day – take the same stories as an example. Therefore, it makes sense to think about making most of your publications in the form of videos and leaving photos only for the most important and memorable moments. The video contains more information and fascinates the viewer more – these are just a few of its main advantages.

Strive for the Predominance of Natural Colors in the frame.

They are a trend of recent years, which is not going anywhere yet. If you have a question about which colors will work best, open the Eton color circle and study it – which combinations do you personally find the most pleasant? Start from this and do not try to copy anyone else; this will lead to the fact that you will quickly dislike what you are doing, and a quick and sudden change in the image of the account will only add to your problems and misunderstandings from the audience.

Another point that makes each photo more attractive to the audience is the number of likes – and if you don’t have enough of them, then the idea to buy likes on Instagram can be a very good way out of the situation. The main thing is to make sure that you buy likes from real people – otherwise you will simply get less benefit from the purchase than you would like. Real people who will come to your profile to like your content may be so fascinated by your content that you will also get new subscribers – this is a frequent bonus of paid promotion, which is rarely talked about.

Get inspired on Pinterest. If you have no ideas about what to shoot, where to shoot, and how to process the photos, go to Pinterest and dive into the world of endless ideas. You can search for photos and for pictures and drawings as well, collect your boards with helpful pins and create a content plan for your visuals according to what you have liked and what you have been able to gather. Finding inspiration sometimes is hard, but when you have a base of photos and pictures that mirror your tastes and your ambitions in terms of creating your own visuals, life becomes way easier.

Last but not least –

add small details to your visuals. Add text, and special effects but do not overdo it, and be sure to study what is currently trending. In general, minimalism is the trend, the added elements in the photo should be at a bare minimum, but they should carry a unique added meaning, and not become a burden. If they are not needed in the photo, you do not need to use them, but if you need to convey something else to your audience, you can use this technique.

If you use all of those small pieces of advice, your posting is going to go way smoother and more effortlessly than ever – create your own rules for your visuals using these principles and you will be able to create a nice and appealing photo at all times. But, if you feel like all of that is not for you and you don’t have time for that, you can always hire a specialist and ask them for help: this is a service that many professional bloggers use and there is nothing bad in delegating.


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