How to Tag Someone on Instagram? Simple Process in 2023

How to Tag Someone on Instagram? Simple Process in 2023

Social media is the biggest and strongest weapon in the world. You can target every user in the world with a single click only.

There are so many social media platforms that are currently used by millions of people around the world.

how to tag someone on Instagra

There are huge chances that a person will use more than one social media platform, which could be WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and so on.

These are some famous social media platforms. There is one social media website called Instagram. Instagram is famous for its photos and video collection.

If you are an Instagram user then you must be aware of the features that are available on Instagram. If you are not an existing Instagram user do not worry, we will tell you the pros and cons of Instagram.

How to Tag Someone on the Instagram?

First of all, you should have a good internet connection via Wifi or mobile data. After connecting to the internet, go to Play Store/App Store according to your mobile system.

Type Instagram in the search bar and Install the app right now. There can be some fake apps too so you have to download app which is real and trusted.

After installing the Instagram app you have to assign some permissions to this app so that it can use your camera, mic, and other data in your smartphone to deliver your best service in the future. Do not worry about your data. Instagram does not share your data with anyone and none of the Instagram employees have your data access.

Your data is secured on a server and that too in encrypted form so no human can understand it clearly.

How to Create an Instagram Account First?

First of all, you need an Instagram account to use this beautiful app. If you are an existing user then awesome if you are new to this social media then you should read this article fully. Here we are going to tell you how to create an Instagram account, how to upload pictures and videos on your wall, how to tag a person on Instagram and so many other features.

Open the Instagram app and it will ask you to Log in to your account. There you will find an option named “new User? Create an account”. So click on this text and it will take you to its signup page.

Here fill your details which you think are good for you. Keep one thing in mind that you should try to use an easy and attractive username so that your friends can easily find you on this social media platform.

After filling in all the details, you can simply go to the Instagram login page and enter your login credentials and Enjoy!

Wait, you do not know how to use Instagram? Do not worry we are here to solve that issue too here are some steps and features that we have explained to you only. So go to each and every feature so that you can learn Instagram quickly.

Trust us, this is one of the best social media platforms in the world. As we know, Instagram is operated by Facebook. Whatsapp is also handled by Facebook too. So here is one thing which we are going to tell you is that you can also post the same picture or video on your Facebook account if you are uploading it to your Instagram account.

Like this, there are a lot of features that you can use on this social media platform.

How to Upload Image, Video on Instagram?

If you are new to Instagram and do not know how to use Instagram and upload data on this app then you are in the right place. If you want to upload images to Instagram first you have to complete the above-given step.

After completing the first step, now open the Instagram app and go to your profile section.

Here are the easy steps to tag someone on Instagram Photos easily:

There you will see multiple options but do not get confused you have to click on the button that seems like ‘+’ in the middle bottom of the app.

how to tag someone on Instagram

Click on this + icon and it will open a new slide where you can click a picture or you can upload a picture or video from your gallery.

how to tag someone on instagram

After choosing your picture and adding filters. You should click on Next button on top.

click next and tag friends

Now you will see many options here. You can add caption, tag people, and adding location. You need to click on Tag People button here.

Search a friend to tag

Now, you need to click on search bar at the top. Then you need to type someone username who you want to tag. As you see the user there. You can choose it and tag. You can later drag and drop that name to put on right person.

After selecting the photos you can write down some captions about the photos and do not forget to use the hashtag with this so that you can get a higher reach.

Similarly, you can add a video to your Instagram timeline. Try to upload some interactive and good looking videos so that users can follow you instantly. You can edit a video online or you can use pre-made filters that are available while uploading any video.

You can also upload more than one media at a time by making it a collection of photos. This feature is called the Instagram carousel. To use this feature, you have to select more than one media while selecting any media to upload.

Now you will be able to see numbers on your photos like 1,2,3 and so on. So this is the method which you can use to make a carousel on Instagram.

You can also upload your videos to your IGTV account. This feature is not available to all Instagram users. It is only available for users who have more than 10,000 followers.

What you need to Tag a Person on Instagram easily?

While uploading any media on Instagram you can easily tag any person on your photo or video with some simple steps. When you are uploading an image you will be able to see a Tag a person feature on your Instagram app.

There you have to tap on the people who are visible in your photos and tag them by searching their name.

Remember that you can only tag people who are already having an Instagram account. So if you are going to tag a person then you must know their username also so that you can find them easily.

You can also tag people in your caption section also just put ‘@’ sign at the starting of any user’s name.

So this is how you can tag a person on Instagram.

How to Upload a story on Instagram?

If you want to upload a short update to your Instagram handles, then you can use a story feed feature to update your followers.

In order to upload status, you have to go to the home page and then you can slide right or you can click on your profile pic appearing at the top left corner.

After clicking on the story feature there, you will find so many cool features like Boomerang, Reverse, Slow Motion, Filter Video, Text Story, Photo Story, GIF Story, and so on. Use any feature that you are comfortable with.

After clicking a picture you can add some text and emojis which you like. If you feel that this is the perfect story upload for your account then you can send it to some specific users, you can send it to your close friends only or you can send it to all your followers.

Keep one thing in mind that this update will last for up to 24 hours only so if you think this is a lot less time then you can post the update on your timeline. Instagram story is a quick update and it is designed to keep it short and simple.

You can also put a link to your Instagram story. This feature is not available to all Instagram users. It is only available for users who have more than 10,000 followers.

This feature will help you to send your audience to your website, YouTube channel, or any other link where you want some audience.

How to Tag a person on Instagram Story?

If you want to tag a person on your Instagram story then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

how to tag someone on Instagram stories

In order to tag a person on the Instagram story, you have to go to the Story section and then you will find an emoji vector icon at the top of your screen.

Click on the emoji button and there you will see many features but you have to select tag person feature from there.

Now here you have to write a person’s username and that’s it. If you want to tag more than one person, then you can simply add text and write ‘@’ text following with people’s names which you want to tag.

This is how you can tag people on your Instagram story.

How to upload Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new feature that the company has introduced recently. You can upload more than 15 seconds of video by using Instgram Reels.

Instagram Reels is a rival of TikTok so if you are a TikTok user from India or if you are a TikTok user from other countries then you can also use Instagram Reels to upload your amazing videos.

If you want to upload a video with music effects then use the Instagram Reels feature. In order to access Instagram Reels, you have to go to your Story section and there you will see the Instagram Reels option on the left side of the screen.

Same, we upload any stories on Instagram here also you have to follow the same steps to publish your first Reel.

Features that Instagram Offer

  • Story Upload
  • Instagram Reels
  • Upload Pictures/Videos
  • Shoot boomerang videos
  • Save clicked pictures on your mobile
  • Upload videos to IGTV
  • Upload photos directly to your Facebook account too
  • You can tag multiple people at a time
  • So many features while shooting any story

So there are some features that are given by Instagram in their app.

Instagram is giving so many features and independence to users that they can upload any content which they like but there are some policies that you cannot upload any nude content or any adult content on your Instagram handle because there are so many users who are using the same platform.

There are chances that your post will appear to them after all it is a public platform where everyone can access the upload of any user who has made their profile public. You can make your profile private if you do want random people to check your photos and media which you upload daily.

So we have to keep one thing in mind, that we have to keep this amazing platform very clean.

Frequently Asked Questions on Instgram

Can I tag more than one person on Instagram?

Yes, you can tag more than one person on Instagram. Simply put their names on the list and boom, you have tagged them all.

How do I recover my Instagram account password?

If you do not remember your Instagram password and you are not able to log in, then go to the Forgot Password section on the login page and enter your email address. You will receive a password recovery email on the registered email associated with your account.

How to Tag a person on Instagram?

Click on a person’s face or anywhere in the picture while uploading it to the media. It will ask you for the name of the person, now just simply type the person’s username and that’s it.

How to send stories to any Instagram friend?

After creating any story you can send it to your loved one only rather than sending it to all your followers. You will see the Send it button at the bottom of your screen in story mode. Click on this and select friends from the long list.

How to change the username on Instagram?

If you are not liking your current name and want to change your Instagram username, then go to your Profile section and click on the Edit Profile button. There you will see your surname section click on it and write the username you like to take, if it will be available then it will turn its color to green another wise you have to make more combination to create a valid username.


I hope guys now you can easily tag someone on Instagram. Social media is always our friend until we use it wisely. Feel free to leave any of your messages in comments box below.


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