Google Adsense is the most powerful monetization resource. It is very convenient way to publish advertisements onto your site. However, Adsense have very crucial policies to approve websites.

You should be aware about each and every policy of Adsense. So that you can easily use and publish Adsense ads on your blog. In this article, we will discuss some do’s and don’ts about Google Adsense. Google allows you to earn extra income with the advertisement resources. But it also asks for every legal and authentic sites to publish ads. It is because Google is big company. It has responsibilities to maintain customer faith and support.






Make your site legal – It is the first step you need to take. Firstly, make sure you are applying on Adsense for a legal and original site. If you are running some illegal sites. You should not apply for Google AdSense, because you will not get approval for it. Some sites like adult content sites, movies or music downloading site, Hacking site, sharing unauthorized information, violent content sites etc.

Never steal content – Make your content original. You should not use any copyrighted content on your site. It will decrease your chances to get approved your site. Always create original and meaningful content. As more useful content will give you more followers. Google algorithms specially ban those sites which steal other site’s content.

Organic Backlinks – You need to make sure that you are getting secure backlinks. Always try to comment on real blogs. Submit your blog on real directory. Never try to buy backlinks from any spam resources. This will lead your site towards right position.

Need organic traffic – Try to get organic traffic. Organic traffic means the traffic coming from google and other search engines. You should always share your post on social media platforms. But do not depend too much on paid traffic. Google Adsense gives more priority to organic traffic. It will increase your AdSense earning and will keep your AdSense accouny safe.






Don’t click on your own ads –  Never think that Google is fool. You can never try to click on your ads. Google has a very sharp algorithm system. It observes your timing of clicking on ads. Track timings, after how many seconds you are coming back from an ad page without buying anything. Do not click on your own ads again and again. It may suspend your AdSense account for lifetime.

Do not apply Adsense without policy pages – You are passionate blogger. You want to get your site activated with AdSense as soon as possible. You can do this but wait, you need to have a look at your site navigation pages. You cannot get approval until you don’t have enough site pages to give navigation to visitors. If visitors are not able to find important information about your site like About page, privacy policy, disclaimer etc. Google will also not going to give you Adsense approval.

Do not buy bots traffic – Some people sell bots traffic to get millions of click on your site. Basically bots are automatic software programs designed to perform repetitive tasks. It may give unlimited clicks on your site. However you should always keep your site safe from these type of traffic. Google immediately track these bots and may cancel your AdSense approval.

Do not use other monetization program with Adsense – You have to keep in mind that Google is largest monetization program and gives you much better payments for publishing ads. However if you are thinking to use some other monetization program. You need to disconnect with Google AdSense program. Google does not allow any site using multiple monetization program. If you want to use others. You need to forget Google Adsense.


Google is the best and flexible advertisement platform. You can always use alternate options. But Google will remain at first stage. You just need to keep in mind some basic things regarding AdSense. And you can easily use google AdSense to earn passive income from your blog.

I hope this article given you some neat and clear information about google AdSense. If you found this article helpful. Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter. Kindly share this article on Facebook and Twitter.

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