7 Simple Strategies to Maximize your Adsense CPC

7 Simple Strategies to Maximize your Adsense CPC

How to Increase Adsense CPC?

Adsense is fastest way to grow your income in digital marketing world. If you don’t know much about CPC.

You can’t earn as much as you could. If you want to get higher pay for each and every click. You have to optimize your Adsense account and increase adsense CPC on your site.

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Increase AdSense cpc

What is Adsense CPC?

If you are using AdSense. I hope you know about AdSense policies. When ever a visitor click on a particular ad on your site.

You will get a certain amount for it. Every ad has different payment scale. An ad can give you $0.1 and another ad may give you 3 to 5 dollars.

So this is the thing you need to carry. You should some keyword tool to find out higher CPC keywords. You can also use free google keyword tool planner.

Now here we will discuss some easy to use strategies to maximize your AdSense CPC.

1. Visitor’s Location

Location is a main factor which decrease your AdSense revenue. It a type of situation when you are serving equal but getting less and more.

If someone clicks on hour ad from USA rather than INDIA. You will definitly get more money for that click.

Its a hypothetical situation like when users clicks from us or europe countries. They give you higher payments.

So always try to collect your audience from USA or nearby countries.

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2.  Do Research Before Posting

Whenevr you are going to publish a blog on your blog or site. You should always do a keyword research on you blog topic.

This will increase your site ranking in Google algorithms. Google uses mastermind behind this search engine.

It just analyze the sites which posts a quality and related articles. If you will firsr give right information to the google.

Thay will pay you right pay for your work. Is is just a challenging way to find quality keywords for your niche.

You should always post related articles towards your niche. This will not confuse google and it will regularly give you higher CPC ads.

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3. Limit Ad Blocks 

It is very good feel when we hear that google does not have limitations for ad posting on a single page.

But you have to always careful to limits ad blocks according to page or post size. Do not ad blocks everywhere on a page so that visitors are not able to contact with the content.

Remember that content is the first priority for readers. They are not coming on your site for seeing ads.

Therefore you should keep in mind that what should bs maximum ads limit on your single page.

It will help you to increse your site’s trusted visitors and it will also give you chance to get highest CPC on blog posts.

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4. Videos, Images and Text Ad

There are different type of ad catogeries. Most preferable type of ads are video, image and text. It depends on you wether you choose image ads or text.

Mostly people thinks that text ads gives higher CPC than image ads. But it us hard to get clicks on text ads.

People get attract towards video ans image ads. However, it is also beneficial to put text ads into your blog post.

You should always care about ad sizes. Don’t put too big size ad blocks on your site. You can put ads wherever you want. But it is very obvious to see what shape and size you will choose.

5. Make Landing Pages Impressive

Landing pages play keyrole in making your Google AdSense profitable. You have to make sure that your landing pages are more impressive and meaningful.

You should not put waste things onto your landing pages. People come to your landing page, it is a first expression.

You have to make this first impression very strong, so that people will love your site and feel knowledgeable content.

They will automatically check your other pages. This will definitely increase your CPC rate.

6. Vision on SEO

You should always remember that SEO is a key to success for any blogger. If your SEO is not working properly.

You can never beat your competitors in this digital market. You will have to make on page SEO very carefully. It is so important part of your higher CPC target.

Always remember to put your target keywords inside your title, headings, image alt text, meta decription, slug etc.

It is very benefecial methodology to increase your page rank on google.

Definitely when your searcg ranking will increase, you will get a higher CPC AdWords.

Make sure to not using a single keyword multiple times inside a single post content. Google may see it as a spam.

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7. Use Google Analytics

It is last but not least way to increase your google AdSense revenue. Using Google analytics, you can easily find those keywords, which are most popular on your site.

You can find on your site. Where the most people are visiting and clicking on your site.

Now use these keywords to place your ads there. This will not Only increase your CPC rate but also increase your page rank in Google.

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Final Thoughts:

I am sure that these simple and east strategies will work for all of you. Feel free to always leave your questions in comment box.

Unfortunately, there are not much ways to increase AdSense CPC. You can use SEO tools to find high CPC keywords and write for them.

There are many more options better than AdSense. You can also try with affiliate marketing which quite popular among bloggers. This is more profitable and easy to make money through blogging.

If you have guts to promote a spicific product and increase its sales. You should definitely give it a try.

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