Sometimes you need to show the number of shares of a post to your readers. This helps to show the popularity of the post. It also affects the reader psychologically. So, the possibility of sharing increases. There are a variety of ways to show the share count on a WordPress blog. The best way is to use a plugin. There are different plugins which are free to download. You can simply add one of them to your site. It will take less time for the installation. This article will let you know how to add share count button for the WordPress blog.

faceboook share count button

Using the Cresta Social Share Counter

If you are not willing to pay for the plugin, Cresta Social Share Counter is a good option for you. The benefit is, it not only shows the number of shares but also give the share button feature. This is an open source plugin. You can use the plugin for a variety of social media platforms. You can choose from 9 different buttons styles. You can also show the button in floating style. This plugin has a shortcode that you can use in various places of the webpage. That means you can show the button wherever you want.

For Installation

First go here and download the plugin. It will be a .zip file. Now, unzip the file. Go to your WordPress dashboard and upload the ‘cresta-social-share-counter’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory. Now go to the settings and activate the plugin. For activation, go to the Plugins menu from the dashboard and enable it. Once you have completed the steps, done. Now you can choose the webpage where you want to show share count button.

Using Social Count Plus

You can also use this plugin on your WordPress blog. This plugin is quite similar to the first one. It will allow you to show the number of shares, number of comments and some other features. You don’t have to stick only with Facebook; this plugin is suitable for other social networks too. Bloggers can display the number using shortcodes or use the Widget. You can also use the PHP function. It is so easy to install and customize.

For Installation

At first, go here. Now download the plugin. It is an open source plugin. So, you don’t have to spend money on it. However, you will get a .zip file. Now upload plugin files to the plugin folder of your WordPress site. You can also use the Add new plugin installer for WordPress. Once you have successfully installed the plugin, now active it from the settings. Navigate to settings of your site and go to Social Count Plus and fill the plugin options.

For using this plugin, you need to create a Facebook app. You can easily create a Facebook app by logging here, Now, go to My Apps > Add a New App and create yours.

Now go to Settings > Facebook Page Id. Then go to Facebook App ID, and you will find a link below the box. Click on the link, and it will redirect you to the apps page on Facebook. Go to My Apps > Website > Create a New App ID > Fill the boxes > Select category. Now, verify the security option and click on Create App ID. It will provide an app ID. Copy the ID and paste into the Facebook App ID box in the settings. You will also get a Facebook App secret code. Copy it and paste in the Facebook App Secret box of your WordPress dashboard. Now click on save changes. Done! Now, you can show the number of Facebook shares for different posts of your site.

Though it seems a little bit difficult, it will take maximum five minutes. However, you have an alternative option on above. You can use any of these plugins to add a Facebook share count button.

Finally, you learned the process of adding a social

share count button. The process is-

  1. Download the plugin from WordPress official site.
  2. Upload the file and activate it.
  3. For the second plugin, create a Facebook app to use the plugin.
  4. Generate the App ID and App Secret and paste these ID’s in the boxes.
  5. Save the changes.


If you are still not using any of these plugins then you are losing hundreds of your new readers. Social media is the best way to publicize your blog and its content. Feel free to write us about your experience with these plugins.

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