Why You Should Use A CDN For Your WordPress Blog

Why You Should Use A CDN For Your WordPress Blog

What is the Use of CDN?

Want to boost up the site loading speed as well as the user experience? Then you have to concentrate on some essential factors. CDN is one of them which stands for Content Delivery Network.

This is just like a hosting account. However, many of you have a confusion about it. Some people already have asked, is it an alternate of hosting account?

Well, if you are using CDN, you still need to use a hosting account. In this article, we are going to cover everything about CDN. Also, you are going to know, why do you need CDN for your WordPress Blog.

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What is CDN?

As I have mentioned before, this the abbreviation of Content Delivery system. It delivers cache static content based on the geographic location of your audience. Is it sound confusing?

Well, let me elaborate the thing. When someone wants to visit your site, they enter the domain name in the browser. Or, it can be from the search engine.

So, when they click on the link, the link redirects the user to a host server. For example, your server is located in London. Thus, each traffic of your site is landing on your site from that host server.

It’s fine for a general website which generates very few traffic. But, if you have tons of traffic, the server has to take an overload.

This can even cause a server crash. As a result, you may lose your traffic. But you don’t want to miss your traffic, right? This is the point when you need the CDN.

How CDN Works?

CDN servers work as a co-worker for the host server. How? CDN is a network of servers. It is spread throughout the world.

When you are using it, it caches your static contents and store on its servers. All images, javascript, stylesheets (CSS files), Flash count as static content.

So, whenever someone tries to access your site, CDN redirects them to the closest server of it. As a result, users can access the site faster.

Let me give an example. Suppose, one of your audience is trying to reach your site from the UK. CDN may redirect the user to a server which is located in London or somewhere else in UK.

It will be the closest server of CDN. So, there is no chance of server crash. This becomes handy when you need to manage a huge traffic. This feature impact on the load time too. Your audience can access the site faster

Why Do You need to Use CDN for WordPress?

1. Improved Loading Speed

The best part of CDN is a better loading speed of your site. As you have read above, it redirects to the closest server. So, it takes less time to load all your static contents. No need to wait for a long time.

User instantly gets access to your WordPress site. Since web hosting servers can’t do this, so it is a good part of CDN.

However, this doesn’t mean that your site loading speed will increase magically. This feature helps the user to avoid the hassle if the host server is busy.

2. Improved Uptime of Your Site

Any site owner wishes to maintain the best uptime for their site. CDN reduce the load on the host. Also, the loading speed remains constant.

If you are using only the host server, sometimes you will notice the inconsistency in uptime. So, the uptime decreases. CDN removes that hassle for the site’s audience. So, you can expect a better uptime.

3. No Geographical Barriers

No matter from which geographic location you are generating the traffic. CDN sends them to the closest server. As CDN has servers all over the world, each traffic from different places experiences the same loading speed.

4. Better User Experience

If you have enabled CDN, you will notice less bounce rate. Also, you will suddenly get more page views. It also increases the numbers of pages viewed by each user. So, bounce rate decreases naturally.

5. Improvement in SEO

When you want to generate more traffic from search engines, the site needs to rank in a good position.

Search engines rank a post based on some unique factors. Some of them are site load speed, bounce rate, user experience, content value, etc. As CDN ensures some of those factors, the ranking position improves.

6. Finally, the necessities of using CDN are:
  1. Site load faster from any geographical locations.
  2. You don’t lose traffic because of improved uptime and loading speed.
  3. Search engines rank your site in a better position in the search results.
  4. You get the users trust for your site.


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