Top Highest Paying PTC Sites Without Investment in 2019

7 Highest paying ptc sites without investment. Have you ever heard about earning money by ad clicks and completing surveys? Do you scare from all these frauds. There are thousands of websites on the internet to give you online jobs. 

However, 80% of these websites are fake and fraudulents. So how would you guess the legitimate one? That’s why I am writing this post today to tell you guys most trusted and real websites pay money for completing surveys or clicking ads. 

Highest paying sites without investment

In addition, it is true that you can earn money with these websites. But you need to understand that these websites pays a very little amount for completing a single task. So dont think to work full time on these websites. But its a good way to earn a part time income for students and college guys. 

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Here we will discuss 8 most trusted and highest paying ptc (pay to click) websites without any investsment. You just need to visit these websites and register yourself. So without wasting more time. Let’s start to know the list. 


Clixsense is the most trusted and popular site for earning money. Thousands of people are using this site from many years and earning a good amount of money as well. You need to just register on this site and start earning. 

In addition, You need to create an account by simply filling a signup form and then verify the account by clicking in confirm link on your email. You need to also have an email account to register on this site. 

After that, you can simply login to your account dashboard. Here you can see many tasks such as surveys, ad clicks, referral etc. You just need to select a task and you can work on it. 

Although you need to complete another form to get servey work because then they will give you seveys according to your geo location. There are several countries where this servey job is not possible but most of the countries are available for that. 

There is one more unique easy to earn money on clixsense is by taking its offers. On your profile dashboard, you can find a button called OFFERS. By clicking on it you can find many offers and ways to make money. For example you can watch video, play games and registering on sites etc. 

This is the easiest way to create money on this site. By playing games or watching videos you can enjoy and earn both together. There are different payouts for every task so you can’t get an exact value but those pretty enough. 

Another way to earn on this site is by referring this to others. They pay you around 20% for every friend will join by giving your referral link. You will get an bonus of $2 when you referred friend will make first $5. 

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Neobux is another popular site to complete tasks and earn money. It is the second oldest website in ptc market. They are paying to people from last 10 years and gained a trust from the people. You can directly register on this site without any doubt. You cab easily work here without any investment or registration fees. 

Highest paying ptc sites without investment

Here you have also multiple job options available. Firstly, the most famous ads click. Its the best way because you don’t need to give your efforts. You just have to click on ad and after that close that window. 

They will pay you for each and every ad on you will click and open. However their payouts are between $0.001 to $0.01, and these are not big amount of money but you need to constantly work for some hours so that you would earn a basic to amount to redeem into your bank account. In addition, you can only withdrawal the money After earning minimum $2. 

Furthermore, Adprize is another way to earn extra money on Neobux. Here you can earn somewhere between $0.25 to $50. It is a game where you need to watch as much ads as you can and you will get a chance to play higher paying games. As you will play the game, you will earn by this. 

There are some more jobs available on this site to earn money such as categorizing products, find info about some company, and finding author of a particular website post. For completing these jobs you can earn easily somewhere between $0.01 to $0.1. You just need to click on ‘mini jobs’ tab on your dashboard and you can start this easy work. 

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3. InboxDollar

InboxDollar is fastest money making machine. Actually, its not really money making machine but you can earn a small amount of money by working many hours here. 

Yeah its true. It is same like other websites. If you have nothing to do and many hours for free. Then you can make some amount of money on this site. 

This website has special features like higher payment options for US and UK citizens. There are multiple examples of people who are earning more than $100 a month by just working 10 minutes a day. 

This is usually a better website for those who have living and bank account in US or UK. You dont need to pay anything to start working here. 

4. Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet clicks is totally genuine website to earn money by clicking on ads. You just need to click on ads and get paid upto $0.01 each and also you can get upto 100% referral earning. 

Highest paying ptc sites without investment

 You can also earn here by completing offers. It is something similar like other websites. You can easily get your payment after earning at least $2. You can get your money in your skrill, Neteller and perfect money account. You can also buy bitcoins by your money here. 

  • Earn upto $0.01 per click 
  • Purchase Adpacks and earn 120%
  • $2 minimum withdrawal
  • Earn upto 100% referral earning

5. Ojooo is really easy to make money website. It is also trusted and real websites running from several years. Here you can earn real money by watching ads. You can earn here upto $0.02 per click.

 You can also earn money by watching Ojooo videos, making simple tasks or offers with personally offerwall. There are several ways here to make money easily. They also give you a referral program for others. You can refer to others and earn by their clicks.

Fortunately, they have also many offers available to earn money. You can give ads for you own website to get unlimited traffic. They also give you bonus dollars. 

  • Make money upto $0.04 per click
  • Join without any investment
  • Get paid by PayPal, Payza
  • Earn by referring to friends

6. PaidVerts

Paidverts is a great ptc website where you can earn from $0.005 upto $200 by watching 30 seconds of advertisements. Its a real and trusted site paid thousands of dollars from years. Its operated by MyTrafficValue. 

Highest paying ptc sites without investment

You can earn a good amount of money if you can really work hard. You need to give on this website. As long as you will work, you will increase your revenue for per click. 

You can receive your payment by various methods and easily can get your money. You can withdrawal using PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza etc. You just need to have an email account to register here and you can Starr your work. 

7. RewardingWays

RewardingWays is a fabulous site to get paid to you by just only taking online surveys and completing offers. It is a true and trusted site because its operated by 99 ventures ltd., a legitimate company based in UK. They have also many other sites for this work. 

Highest paying ptc sites without investment

 RewardWays has paid over $734,000 in rewards. It is an old company and have 320,000 active users till date. 
This is a totally free to join site and you will just get a $0.20 as a Signup bonus. You just need to enter your email address and other information.

Best micro job on this site is completing surveys and offers. However, there are some other micro jobs are also available here such as watching videos, downloading apps, and clicking on ads.

They also have a affiliate program same like others. Here you can refer these websites to your friends and earn money by their ad clicks.


I hope guys you have got some legitimate websites to make money throughout internet and working online. However, these websites won’t pay you a huge amount of money. If you have really free time and want to just earn some pocket money quickly, these options are good one. Although personally, I would not recommend you to waste your time with these sites. If you really want to create a successful online business. You can just read my another post below on how to create a blog and earn money. Yeah guys…. Blogging is the most successful business in online market. You just need to keep patience for it. 

In addition, Fiverr is another best option I would recommend to you. I have just earned $200 on Fiverr after working for just last 10 days. And I have worked only on my phone. So find a digital quality inside you and go to create a gig on Fiverr. 

Here is a quick tip for Fiverr users. If you are not able to get your first order. Go to Fiverr homepage. Hover over your cursor on categories and see what new services are been just added by fiverr. Immediately create a gig in that category and get orders. It worked for me as well. If you guys liked this article, don’t forget to share with your friends. 

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