Some Most Important Settings After Installing WordPress

Some Most Important Settings After Installing WordPress


things to do after installing wordpress

The First and Foremost Steps After Installing WordPress

What should I do after installing WordPress? If you are finding answer some of these questions.

We will tell you some of the most important things to do after installing WordPress.

It will increase the performance of your new blog but also maximize the security of your site.

Remove ‘Hello World’ Page from your WordPress Website

Just after installing WordPress. You will notice there is already a page called ‘Hello World’. This is the dummy content created by WordPress.

You can remove it or leave it as it is if you want. By removing it, You can create your own pages from scratch. So you just need to login your WordPress admin dashboard.

Now at the top left corner, you will see an option Posts. Just click on it and you will see a post there named HELLO POST. Find the delete button on the screen and delete the sample post and comments.

Change Permalinks Settings

URL’s to your blog posts and web pages are called Permalinks. When you install WordPress first time, there are default settings to permalinks.

It means default URL of your web posts will be something like this.

You should change this setting because it is a very important SEO factor for your blog.

You can change these settings, Visit Settings >> Permalinks in your WordPress dashboard. Now mark the section Post Name and save settings.

Choose a Tagline and Title of your Site

It is an important part of your website. When you choose a tagline for your website. It should relate to your site.

Your site title is important and it creates the first impression on visitors. So choose your site title and tagline wisely.

So now go to your site admin area. Go to the Settings and select GeneralChange here your site tagline and site title. you can also change time zone and time settings here. After making every change, feel free to save those changes.

Delete Unwanted Themes and Plugins

Some people try to install and test WordPress plugins and themes. But, they forget to delete these unused contents. It is bad perspective for your site and its SEO.

Hackers are always ready to follow these type of things. They may enter in your site badly and damage it, if you are not updating them.

You can easily delete themes by visiting Appearance >> Themes and select any unused themes to delete it. You can now feel free from these unwanted burdens.

It will not only increase your site loading speed but also keep safe your site from  hacking issues.

Install a Beautiful Theme on your WordPress Site

WordPress themes are basically the layout of your website. WordPress provides a large collection of themes for their website. A large number of fabulous themes are free of cost available.

You can just go to your WordPress dashboard and select Appearance >> Themes. Now select any theme of your choice, click on install button and then activate it.

If you are starting a new blog, free themes are a good choice. But If you want to setup a business website to make your business online.

You should buy a premium theme. Premium themes are much better than free themes. Premium themes have lots of more configuration features than a free theme.

Especially, paid themes are more powerful in security issues. You will get a customer support to customize the site’s layout.

You can choose a suitable theme for your website from a large number of varieties. I want to suggest you here some of the popular WordPress premium themes.

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You must check out all of the themes and can choose a beautiful one for your site.

  1. Elegant Themes (the most professional business themes for you)
  2. Themes Forest (the advanced and classic looking themes)
  3. Theme Junkie (Professional themes and useful plugins)

Secure your WordPress Website

As we all know, Security is a compulsory thing in our life. We all need security, Same like this our website also needs security from malicious viruses and trojans.

You also need to backup your website data in case of emergency. So you need to first install a backup plugin. Now create a backup of your website and keep it in a safe place.

Sucuri security is the best way to secure your website. It is security company that specializes in WordPress security.

This will protect your website from malware viruses, trojans and hackers. It is the best plugin to secure your website.

Install Compulsory Plugin

Akismet: It is a comment moderator plugin to your website. It is the best feature to control your fake comments and robots commenting.

You can check every comment and then post it into your blog posts. It’s best thing is that it gives free service.

But remember it always, If you will buy a premium plan, you will get some more features than a free plan. This plugin is a product of  Automattic.

Cache Plugin: It is a plugin that makes your site loading time fast. Catching helps to your site for supporting  servers in heavy traffic times. It is very good for SEO.

W3 social cache is the best option in the market for catching service. It is most easier to use, especially for beginners. Now just install it and make your site more faster than before.

SEO by Yoast: Seo is the most compulsory for your website. SEO by yoast plugin is the best option in this need. To ensure your site is doing well with the search engines, you will have to get this best SEO by Yoast plugin.

SEO by Yoast is very easy to use plugin. After installing it you can easily change settings and can create a beautiful XML Sitemap of your site.

Add Social Sharing  Button: It is easy to add a social sharing button on your site but if you would buy a premium plugin, it will worth it. Social media is the key factor to increase you website traffic. It is an important part of SEO.


The above settings are very important for beginners. For more info, You can see our more articles on the site about setting up wordpress.

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