A 9-Step Guide For Crafting Effective Logos

A 9-Step Guide For Crafting Effective Logos

When it comes to building a business, crafting a logo might not seem a priority. But having an effective logo is a crucial part of making your brand successful as well as having referrals and being perceived as a high-quality company.


A logo is important as it easily grabs attention. These days, attention spans are quite short, most especially for consumers. In fact, a company has about two seconds to convince potential buyers that the products are worth considering. Your logo can swiftly grab the attention of viewers and communicate the core value of your company interestingly. That short attention span can significantly benefit you if you have an excellent logo.

On the other hand, successful branding is all about telling a story that influences the emotions of customers. While it’s a fact that the design of a logo is just a part of the company’s brand, it serves as the foundation for the whole narrative where the brand is built. But aside from that, having the right logo can offer more benefits. Branding is one of the most in-demand services, you can use logo designer software to start your design with a template.

So, are you planning to come up with a logo but don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place. This guide will teach you the steps needed for crafting an effective logo.

1. Determine Your Brand’s Identity

Do you want to communicate the identity of your brand? To make it happen, the first step when crafting a graphic logo design is to understand your brand’s core personality thoroughly. As soon as you have a clear idea of what your brand is all about and what makes you different from others, making design choices that’ll match and complete the picture becomes a lot easier.

2. Know Your Audience

Knowing who your audiences are can also help you in crafting an effective logo. From there, you’ll be able to identify the best ways to attract your audience. For instance, if your brand is geared toward women, you should have a more feminine tone. Also, if you want to attract kids, you must have a totally different look. Remember, knowing your audience is a great way to determine some of the basic design elements of an effective logo.

3. Check Out Your Competition

Checking what your rivals are doing may also help you in crafting an effective logo. With their examples, determine what will work best for your target audience and what doesn’t appear to resonate with them. As mentioned, think about what makes your brand and company unique as well as the possible ways you can emphasize this uniqueness with your logo. From there, you’ll have a clear idea of how to make your brand stand out.

Also, see to it that you won’t produce creations that may accidentally intrude on other companies’ logos. You wouldn’t want your logo connected with other brands. While it’s challenging to craft something completely original, it’s crucial to make sure you’re not risking your business’s reputation even if it has time to kick off.

4. Brainstorm

When it comes to the creative process, one of the most important steps you need to take into account is brainstorming. This part is about getting all of the possible ideas out, whether they’re fleshed out or not.

When brainstorming, you must list down all your thoughts such as planning to use a logo design tool that allows you to make an effective logo in just a few clicks. It’s because you’ll never know what may spark conversations and eventually lead to smart ideas.

During this step, talk to your team and motivate them to give their complete attention. Make sure not to censor or hold back yourself. After your brainstorming session, double-check the proposed ideas and pick which one you should implement. Besides brainstorming, you can also find some design inspiration online for more ideas.

5. Pick A Design Style

In terms of your logo’s design style, there are various elements you need to consider like the typography, color, shape, and graphics. Separating every aspect and what it can do for the logo may help you take things to step by step instead of being dazed with the entire design all at once.

When thinking of an effective logo, choose the right design style for your brand. Remember, no one style fits everyone; just come up with what’s best for your business or brand.

When choosing a style, vintage or retro can be one of the best options. This kind of style will tell people you value history and whatever you’re selling is done correctly. But if you want to have a trendy logo that can be both exciting and fun yet look outdated quickly, a classic design is for you. This style will tell buyers you’re down-to-earth and reliable.

On the other hand, a handcrafted style conveys that your brand stands for quality and individuality. One of the best things about this style is it perfectly works with other design styles. But if you want to communicate how modern and fresh your brand is, choose a minimalist style. Typically, it utilizes lots of whitespace and simple lines, resulting in a pared-back and sleek logo. With such a design style, your brand will look updated and cool.

6. Choose Colors

After choosing the design style, it’s time to pick the right color for your logo. Remember, colors are crucial as they play an essential role in crafting design. Your logo’s color should pull you in and grab your attention, bringing vitality and life. Pick colors based on the picture you want to link to your brand.

You don’t need to stick with monochrome logos with a single color. You can match various colors to tell a comprehensive brand color story. For instance, if you want the colors to look harmonious, consider analogous colors. And to achieve a dynamic look, complementary colors can be a great option.

7. Look For The Right Kind Of Logo

When crafting a logo, there are different types of logos where you can choose from. Make sure to opt for one that’ll suit your company name as well as the overall aesthetic.

If you want to streamline your company logo, consider a monogram logo; this comes in handy if the name is difficult to remember. Many businesses opt to go by their initials like HP. This kind of logo is ideal for a minimalist logo. But if you want your company name as your logo, go for a logotype to give it recognition and personality value. If you have an excellent name for your brand, this is an ideal way to place it in the foreground.

A logo symbol is the best option for those who want to represent their brands with an image. For this, you can opt for something complex or simplistic. But you need to make sure you choose a symbol that’ll make a distinct association with your brand.

If you want a logo that doesn’t establish an instant association with an existing image but makes something entirely new for your brand, choosing an abstract logo is a good idea. This shortens your business into a symbol that’s distinct to you. But if you wish to give your brand a personality in a fun way, a mascot logo is the answer. Often, it’s a cartoonish and colorful character representing your business in an approachable way.

8. Select A Font

When it comes to fonts, there are plenty of options to choose from for your logo. If you want to make your logo look high-end and classic, go for serif fonts. These fonts are versatile and look good with any design. They work well with classic, vintage, or elegant designs.

For a clean and modern look, sans serif fonts can be a great option. These fonts work well for a modern brand. However, if your main goal is to make the logo look more individualistic, you can never go wrong with script fonts that are suggestive of handwriting.

Nevertheless, your logo becomes even more powerful when you choose to combine different fonts with one another.

9. Bring Your Logo Into Reality

At this point, you’ve already considered all the needed style points and you’re all set to start designing. When it comes to getting your logo, there are plenty of options you can choose from, but make sure to opt for one that suits you best.

You can work with your in-house design team, hire an agency, use a logo maker, or even run a logo contest based on the preferences you choose for more options. Whatever you choose, you need to weigh their pros and cons to ensure you have a logo that can help your business become a successful one.


A good and effective logo can be recognized with ease, reflecting your brand’s message and making you stand out. What’s more, when you invest in a professional-looking logo, you’ll look reliable and more people will trust you.

As you can see, crafting an effective logo isn’t as challenging as you think. By considering the steps above, rest assured you’ll be able to craft one that’ll surely give your business a brand-new face.


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