Why Should You Definitely Invest For a Professional Logo Design

Why Should You Definitely Invest For a Professional Logo Design

How Much Does It Cost to Design a Blog Logo

How much does it cost to design a blog logo? The answers depend on you.

Because logo prices vary dramatically depending on your needs.

Too vague?

What you need is a definitive answer.

The fact is most people starting a blog aren’t looking to spend thousands on a logo, and if you’re a new business owner, every dollar counts.

The great news is you can find the perfect price point that delivers an excellent logo.

All you need is the following information:

WHY you need a logo – such as where you’ll be using it, digital (your blog, website, social media accounts) or physical (printed stationery, promotional merchandise, advertising materials).

And a detailed breakdown of the best available logo design options, pricing, and what you can expect to get for your dollar.

Yep, we have the breakdown in our “how much does it cost to design a blog logo,” and by the time you finish reading, you’ll know which option suits your blog the best.

Do it yourself

If you’re working on a shoestring budget, designing your logo yourself is an efficient option. It also gives you complete control and can be completed in your spare time.

However, designing your logo yourself isn’t without its challenges. Such as what colors, shapes, and fonts work best for your marketplace and target audience, which logotype suits your marketing strategies, and how to ensure your logo’s versatile enough to meet modern consumer shopping trends.

When designing a logo yourself, you have three options: Logo design software, templates, and design tools. But before jumping in, research logo ideas in your market niche and discover what resonates with your target audience.

  1. Logo design software: If you’re artistic, you can design your own logo with the help of graphic design software like adobe illustrator. If you can afford it and have the time to learn how to use it, Adobe Illustrator is an excellent tool for creating logos, illustrations, typography, and anything else you might need. All files come in Vector graphics and can be scaled to any size and used on any platform. Most software, adobe included, offers a free trial and provides purchase bundles ranging from $20.99 to $99.95.
  2. Templates: Before the creation of AI logo makers, we had templates. And while we still have them, they’re limited in range and short on originality. But they are cheap and can save you time, as long as you’re happy to use a generic logo or plan on customizing it yourself later. Prices range from completely free to $500, depending on what branding package you choose and which license you need.
  3. Design tools: Design tools are great, but they won’t design your logo for you. They can provide basic graphic-editing tools with the digital means for creating a beautiful logo, as long as you first know what you want.

The highest cost in designing your logo yourself is time. Time spent researching, sketching, choosing the right software, and creating your logo. The process certainly appeals to some, but if you’re looking for a quicker option that still comes in on budget, the next one could be for you.

Use an online logo maker: $0 – $200

Do you have a spare five minutes? Why not use it to create your logo! That’s how quick online logo makers have become.

Logo makers are good options for tight budgets, and these too have multiple options and pricing.

  1. Pre-designed logo templates: These are a great choice if you don’t require a unique design. If your blog logo is a wordmark (text only logo), browsing pre-made templates for typography you like and personalizing with colors will be easy and cheap! These platforms start with free plans and can get up to $200 if you require a high-quality file. Remember, what you save in dollars, you lose in quality, originality, and versatility. Make sure to do your research and check the file types on offer (remember, you need Vector) and their quality. You can also Discover dozens of free logo templates on FreeLogoDesign.
  1. AI logo design: if you don’t want a generic logo, what you’re looking for are AI-driven logo makers like Tailor Brands (one of the more popular) that use AI to create logos. AI-led the way to affordable, quick, high-quality, and market-relevant customized logos. But only if you choose the right tool!

Good AI logo makers provide hundreds of unique logo variations based on the information you provide about your business, niche, and design preferences. And allow you to edit your preferred version’s color, fonts, and shape until you have a logo that suits your blog perfectly. AI logo maker platforms usually require a monthly subscription, ranging from $3.99 – $12.99 depending on the platform and extra features you can choose to include in your plan.

Crowdsource the design – $109 – $1699

Crowdsource competitions are a contest where you post your detailed logo brief on a designer community website. Along with the amount you’re willing to pay, designers compete for your project.

Most platforms will also guide you through the design brief, by letting you rate your brand on a scale of masculine or feminine, serious or fun, etc. You can provide a more detailed brief by uploading designs that you like or choosing specific colors you want the designer to use, or choose to leave more design freedom to the designers.

Freelancer designers will submit their unique designs, and you pick the one you like most. Once your design is finalized, your chosen designer will provide you with multiple file types or specific ones upon request.

The DesignCrowd platform is great if you’re in a hurry, as deadlines can be as little as 3 to 10 days. You start by entering your email, your logo outline brief, and selecting a contest package that suits your budget and branding.

Packages start at $109, all design packages come with copyright ownership and industry-standard files.

Hire a freelance logo designer – $5 – $2,500

Hiring a freelancer means you’re working with an expert in their field, one who’ll work closely with you and provide numerous concepts until they nail your logo design. Cost is dependent on their experience, where you source them from, if they charge per project or hour, and can vary from $5 to $2500.

There are numerous platforms, online designer communities, and Google searches where you can source the perfect freelancer for your logo design. Based on experience, and of course, portfolios of previous projects.

When choosing a freelance designer, look for one with previous experience in your marketplace as they’ll know the design strategies that work best in your niche, and if you can get a referral, all the better.

Popular freelance sites:

  • Fiverr – Freelancers on Fiverr are at the lower end of the pay scale, ranging on average from $5 to $150 an hour. You choose a package (basic, standard, or premium) and pay upfront after agreeing on project terms.
  • Upwork – Upwork platform works by choosing a freelancer yourself or using one of their pre-selected freelancers (flat fee of $500 + 20% transaction fee). The average rate freelancers charge is between $10 and $200 an hour.
  • Dribbble – The platform specifically for freelance designers, with an extensive range of professional and highly talented logo artists. The primary designer search option begins at $99per month, and advanced options run as high as £399 per month.

Hire an agency- $2500 – $10000+

Hiring a logo design agency is your most expensive option. Still, suppose you’ve got the budget and require a team of dedicated professionals who can help you with everything from your logo, social media designs, to create an entire branding identity. In that case, it’s worth the investment.

Prices for a logo start at a minimum of $2500 and rise with your requirements. But don’t be in a rush as you’ll be working to their schedule; you’ll also be required to be on hand to answer any questions and have to provide an initial brief.

That said, you’ll have professionals trained in the latest logo design marketing strategies working on your logo who’ll walk you through the process every step of the way.

Often design agencies charge up to 50% before starting a project, with the remaining amount upon project completion.


The logo is the most important part of your brand. It would be definitely great to invest in your logo designing. I hope this article would help you to get an idea of logo designing and its prices.

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