20 Blogging Mistakes That Will Actually Make Your Life Worse

20 Blogging Mistakes That Will Actually Make Your Life Worse

So it’s true, isn’t it?

For your blog to stand a chance to grow and succeed, you must have a reliable method of attracting steady visitors to your site.

Blogging mistakes

So right from day one, you work hard to implement tactics like content marketing, SEO and social marketing.

But the truth is that attracting visitors to your site is just a piece of the puzzle. The other piece of the puzzle is to keep them and convert them into consistent readers.

And this is where many bloggers have problems. People oftenly make many blogging mistakes and lose their traffic regularly.

They are completely obsessed with getting more visitors than they are about keeping and serving them well when they come.

As a result, they make so many blogging mistakes that drives visitors off their site.

You Must Have Done These Blogging Mistakes

Check below to see which of them it is:

1. Your blog Has No Focus

I once visited a blog. The owner did a good job attracting readers to his site. However, on the homepage, I saw posts about Contractors, Home keepers, Engineers, Children, etc.

Sure, I couldn’t read further. So I simply used the back button.

And here is a lesson for you. If you’re trying to talk to too many people at the same time, if your site has no focus, you’re going to lose a large number of visitors. It doesn’t matter how many visitors you get per day. They will all leave the way they came.

2. Using Pitiful Headlines

Your headlines are the magnets that draw  your visitors in to read what you have to say.

The point is using a pitiful headline will only help to repel them from your best ideas. If you want to keep your visitors, use proven headlines that speak to them and address their problems.

3. Using Regrettable Opening

So let’s point it out straight.

You have less than 3 seconds to grab the interest of your readers, or they’re gone. And one of the proven ways to do this is through your opening sentence.

How do you open each blog post you write? Do you just write what comes to mind, or do you take time to plan it out? If your opening sentence fail to spark their curiosity, you’ve lost them. Sorry.

4. Wrong Logical Flow

When you write, do you underestimate how important the arrangement of your points are?

Yes, it might seem like a trivia matter to you, but to your visitors, it means a lot.

Imagine this:

You spend 10 minutes reading a post on a blog for the first time. But because the post was not logically organized, you missed the point of what the author was trying to say.

The effect? You feel angry and probably stupid for having wasted 10 minutes of your precious time on that silly blog.

Well, that is the same way your visitors will feel if your posts are not ordered logically.

The result? They will hardly visit again.

5. Writing What You Want

Do you write about any good idea that jumps into your head and seem relevant?

Well stop right there.

Not all posts are of equal importance and urgency to your visitors.

The fact is your visitors don’t want to read any kind of post. What they want is a post that will make them take another step towards the solution of the pressing problems they’re having right now.

From your visitors perspective, write the most urgent posts first

Before you publish another post on your site, ask yourself how it will be useful for your readers. Will it help them take a step towards a solution they desire?

If it doesn’t, don’t publish it. Your visitors won’t be thrilled to read it.

6. Regurgitating Old Ideas

It’s a big temptation to write what other players in your niche are writing about, isn’t it?

For example, if you’re in the Internet marketing space, you would be tempted to write about social media, email, etc.

The risk associated with such decision is that there’s a good chance you will bore a large portion your Visitors.

Here’s why:

Your Visitors have read a ton. And they know a lot.

If you keep publishing what a majority of your Visitors already know, you will lose your credibility, and no one will depend on you for fresh, useful information.

The solution is to make sure your blog post ideas are from your own experience and are what your Visitors want to read.

Do something your Visitors care about. Document the steps you took while doing it. Analyze the results you got. Know why it failed or succeeded. Then take that information and share it with your audience in a fresh, useful and unique way.

7. Being Unnecessarily Controversial

Being controversial can attract a lot of visitors to your site. But that is no reason for doing it the wrong way.

Some bloggers go as far as claiming that some strategies that works don’t work anymore.

While this will cause a huge spike in traffic, however, the traffic will certainly die down to zero once your visitors realize it was all a shabby show of getting attention.

Besides, such action tend to create friction between you and other influential players who still teach such strategies, thereby denying yourself any potential links from them.

Never claim that a strategy don’t work anymore, unless you have an infallible evidence that such strategy has actually stopped working.

8. Not Cool Enough

Being cool is one of the attributes readers love to see in a blogger. They would prefer to stick to someone who understands their situation, and who will be humble enough to interact and show them the way.

Talking down at your readers won’t keep them for long.

9. Failing to Press Their Hot Buttons

Making your visitors feel something – maybe a bond with you is a sure way of keeping them.

Press their hot buttons. Use their fears, desires or needs as a tool to connect with them.

10. Making Posts Difficult to Read

This one has been thoroughly dealt with, however, many bloggers are still doing this.

When you visit their site, what you see is one big block of text facing you. This can put visitors off real fast.

When you write, don’t make it difficult for your Visitors to read.

Use lots of paragraphs with enough spacing in between. Make sure that each paragraph is no more than five lines.

11. Presenting a Cluttered Website

Cluttering your site with every form of Ad and affiliate offer creates an unpleasant user experience for your visitors.

You may have a million products you want to recommend, but putting them all on your homepage will trigger your visitors’ back-clicking behavior.

It is better to recommend products one after the other after a specified time interval.

12. Using Discouraging Humor

Once in a while, it is a good thing to entertain your visitors with humor. The problem though is that humor is subject to personal preferences.

What may seem funny to an individual will likely piss another person off and even discourage them to leave your site.

When using humor, it is best not to joke about things that your Visitors attach significant value on, such as their Nationality, Religion and Political Preferences.

13. Bombarding Visitors With Sales Message Immediately

Yes I know, your goal is to make money online. And you should. However, you shouldn’t start bombarding your visitors with sales message right away.

Take the time to build relationships with them before selling. It pays tons of dividends.

14. Not Emailing Your Lists

Having your own list is the most valuable asset you can have online. The good thing is that those on your email list can be a reliable source of traffic.

Email them when you publish something useful.

15. Ignoring SEO

Search Engines can be a good source of traffic too. If you’re terrible at it, many of your potential visitors won’t know your site exists.

Learning is a never ending process and SEO is a vast topic to learn. Try to learn everyday so that your blog can grow in serp.

16. Failing to Outreach

There are over 100 million blogs out there. If you’re not constantly reaching out to other bloggers in your space, you have a very slim chance of getting your site noticed.

17. Not Inter-linking Your blog Posts

Linking your posts together is a wise idea. It helps to retain visitors. If every posts on your site is independent, your visitors will leave as soon as they’re done scanning.

18. Browser Compatibility Issues

Your blog design may look great on Chrome, but have you crosschecked with Internet Explorer?

No Visitor will be glad to read a post that runs off the page on her browser.

It’s wise to crosscheck your blog with the major browsers out there.

19. Not Guest posting

Publishing great contents on your site is good and OK; but if you’re just starting, you’re better served publishing your posts on other influential sites in your space.

20. Neglecting The 1st Law of Marketing

This one is serious.

Many bloggers fail to realize that the success they desire has been summed up in just one law.

As a result, they break the law and end up paying dearly for it. I paid dearly for it too, until I understood it.

The fact is that neglecting or misunderstanding the first law of marketing is the only reason why bloggers never attract much visitors to their site, never make enough sales, and never succeed with blogging.


So what you have to do right now is to look at this list, identify the blogging mistakes you’re guilty of, and fix them immediately.

Also, understanding the Law of marketing as well will help you avoid other prevalent pitfalls on your way to successful blogging.

I hope guys this post helped you to avoid crucial blogging mistakes. If you liked this post, feel free to share it on social media. And Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in comment box below. 

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