8 Things You Must Know to Double your Adsense Income

8 Things You Must Know to Double your Adsense Income

The Most Important Factors to Increase your Adsense Income

Adsense is the best monetization program. It gives you the chance to earn a potential income with your blog.

In this post, we will discuss about some key points to increase your adsense revenue. You have to typically work on your site to increase your AdSense revenue.

Adsnese Income

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There are multiple ways to work on your AdSense account.

You have to be careful when placing ads on your site. Do not use any tricks to get much more clicks on ads. Google algorithm is so smart and they track whether a click is real or fake.

It may block your account with adsense. You should never try to violete the AdSense policies. You should also not talk to your friends to click on ads.

Always try to make real and organic traffic. If you are not getting traffic, you should write more and more blogs so that google will show your site more frequently in search engine.

1.Higher CPC Keywords

It is mostly observed that people are getting high traffic on site but lesser Adsense income.

Every keyword has different pay amount. You need to check out the higher CPC keywords using any keywords tools, then write content according to higher CPC keywords.

It is the most useful tool to increase your Adsense revenue.

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2. Traffic Matters

If you are running a website having a maximum number of visitors from u.s., that means you are earning more than a website which have indian visitors.

Adsense income matters alot on your traffic and visitors. Try to get more traffic from u.s. and europe countries. Adsense prefers most the site having organic traffic from search engines.

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3. Advertisement Size

When you are placing an ad onto your post. Be careful about placement of your ads.

You should place an ad where more and more people are coming on your posts. Place ads according to your content.

Don’t use too many ads on a single post, so that people are not able to get content.

Don’t use too many small or big ad sizes. You should ideally choose 320×250 size for a box ad. You can also choose other options but  make sure your size need before posting ads.

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4. Adsense Customize Themes

There are multiple theme choices in market. If you are aiming to use AdSense on your site, you should always go to buy an adsense customized theme.

These themes have already created ads and places. You don’t need to confuse with codes and files.

It will make your work easier. Always try to put ads where your readers can easily watch them.

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5. Minimize the Number of Ads

Google is giving unlimited number of ads to post on a page. You should always remember that less ads give your readers more better experience. Sometimes people put lots of ads on a every page of their site.

Post ads in a postion so that visitors can easily access site content. If a visitor will get irritated because of ads, they will immediately leave your site.

6. Use Text Ads

Most probably image and video ads are more successful in giving you revenues. But it doesn’t mean that text ads are useless.

You can put text ads also in some short lines. These ads will take only a single line to show. It will increase your revenue as easy as image ads.

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7. Use Section Targeting

Adsense section targeting is a very useful tool for niche and small websites. It will allows you to suggest some specific section of your websites. It would be used when matching ads.

Normally Google shows unrelated ads on mostly sites if they are not using section targeting. It will easily increase the relevency of the ads.

8. Grow your Audience

Adsense or any advertismenet mainly depends on number of clicks per ad. To get more clicks, you have to sure that maximum number of people should come on your blog.

Try to generate content on your site which ia very helpful to readers. Write more and more articles so that you will gain more visitors. It will definitely increase your Adsense revenue.

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These are some important factors to increase AdSense revenue. You should implement all these strategies and you will definitely get results.

The most important factor for Google Adsnese is traffic. You need to collect quality traffic from countries like US UK to get higher returns.

I will not make this post too lengthy. I hope these tips will definitely increase your income. Make sure to share thus poat on Facebook and Twitter.

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