10 Proven Tips To Secure Your Facebook Account

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Have you ever seen someone’s facebook account is hacked? What is the need of facebook security? Most of us use facebook for connecting with people. The most successful social network may also be hacked sometimes. It is not possible if you have done some little things about facebook privacy and security. Today I am sharing here some proven ways to secure your facebook account.

1.Never Use Simple Password

If I say personally, there is no need to use a complex password for facebook. You can use simple letters and numbers which are easy to remember. But these numbers and letter should not be in your friend’s knowledge. Basically, using a complex password is necessary when you have a business facebook page or some really secret data in your account. Then you should use an alphanumeric password for your account. Use the first word in capital letter. Make sure to use special characters in your password eg., /,@,^,#, etc.

Try note to write your password anywhere to make remember. Whenever you are using someone other’s computer. Do not click on save the password when login. Mostly internet browsers ask to save password for time-saving in future. Keep remembering to disallow this notification.

2.Secure Login Attempts

There are several security features in facebook. Login to facebook, right click in top right to open settings bar. After going on this settings page. There you will see different security settings to ensure your account is safe. There Login alerts, Login approvals, and other useful features. Go and enable those features according to your need.

There is an important setting called login approvals. Here you should register your personal phone number, add another security key, code generator and recovery codes. You can use third party service two-factor authentication.

3. Ensuring your privacy

Facebook privacy tools is another option to ensuring your privacy. Facebook is already aware, about your personal photographs and contacts. Only you have to make some extra settings into your account. Go to privacy settings, you will a page with settings like who can see my stuff, who can contact me and who can look me up?

Here you can select those special people or group of friends to see your personal or private posts and photos. If you are getting too much friend requests from unknown persons. Then you are at the right place. You can choose here to receiving friend requests from only friends of friends. You will never receive requests from unknown persons. Even you can select options to find you on facebook. You can show or hide yourself on facebook. Choose the option ‘who can look me up’ and you can select options to hide your profile.

4.Secure Timeline

Your facebook timeline or profile page is that place where everyone can see your activities on facebook until you changed your timeline settings.

Go to the timeline and tagging settings page and select who can post on your timeline and who can see stuff on your timeline. Nowadays, companies like to check people’s facebook timeline instead of reading their resumes when they apply for a job. Change these settings according to your need. You can select only some friends to able to see things on your timeline.

You can also choose tag selections in this section. Who is able to tag you and who is not? People like to tag more friends to popular their post. But sometimes you are not comfortable to show that post on your timeline. In this case, these settings will make you feel really good.

5. Block Stalkers

Sometimes you are getting some unwanted messages and contacts from an unwanted person. Firstly, you should talk to him to know what’s the problem. But if you are still in trouble with this type of situation, you can simply block that person. Go to that person’s profile page, there are three dots with the message option on the cover photo of that profile. Click on that three dots. You will see a BLOCK option there. Select and confirm the blocking. After that, that account holder will not be able to message you or finding you on facebook. He/she can never contact you in any way on facebook.

6.Turn Off Unwanted Notifications

Are you irritated or frustrated by hundreds of pending notifications on your facebook account? Are you getting lots of facebook notification messages on your phone? Today, here I am giving you the solution for this problem. Go the facebook settings page. Here you will see a notification option on the left sidebar. Click on this option and you will different settings here about getting notifications. Here you can find every category for what you getting notifications. You can easily on or off notifications for every single update.  Like birthday notifications, tagging notifications, pages notifications, groups notifications etc. You can easily control here every notification you receive.

You can also choose to disable email or mobile notifications. Off those unwanted text messages about facebook notifications.

7. Hide Your Phone Number

Sometimes people don’t notice this option. And getting unwanted calls and SMS from unknown persons. Thousands of facebook users can find your mobile number if you didn’t disable this setting.

Go to your facebook profile page by clicking on the left upper sidebar. Now you will be on your profile page. Click on ABOUT option. On this page, you will show your phone number on a side. Take cursor to that number and you will see an edit option. Select edit option. On the next page, click on your number and you will option to whom you wanted to share your number. You can choose public, friends or only me option.

Only me option will make your contact number will not be visible to anyone on facebook except you.

8. Untrusted Facebook Apps

Some facebook apps are harmful to your facebook account. Try not to approve unknown apps on facebook. They may have recorded your password, your contacts, your photos etc. Go to the apps page on facebook. Remove those apps which are not useful for you. Unwanted and unuseful apps should be removed to make your account safer.

9. Report to Facebook

If you are getting some unwanted stuff or messages on facebook. And you are not getting help from anyone. Report it to the facebook. Go the person’s profile or page, select options and click report.

You can report about something illegal or obscene content. You can report about some fake account using by some other person. Or you can report for helping someone if she is facing any type of trouble.

10. Hacked your Facebook Account

Unfortunately, If your facebook account has been hacked. Someone is using your account and doing unwanted activities on your profile. On the login page, click on forgotten account option. There are lots of methods to again access to your account. Phone number, email address and trusted contacts may help you in this situation. But, if someone changed all these settings and info into your account. Last option is to writing a letter to facebook about this. Because of thousand of applications, the may take a time to reply. But hopefully, only they will help you in this situation.

Do you have any other suggestion to secure facebook accounts? Feel free to share with us in comments. Don’t forget to share this article on facebook and twitter.

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