Social Media Marketing: 7 Reasons Why You Should Use It in 2023

Social Media Marketing: 7 Reasons Why You Should Use It in 2023

It’s been believed hat 80-90% companies online are using social media to increase their business and the number is continuously increasing day by day. So, I think this article certainly needs your attention.

I think there is a lot more written about Social Media Marketing already, but the way it is growing guarantees that it needs still more attention; and people are always looking for help on this topic, so here we go with some tips and tricks on why and how to use it for your business.

So lets take a look how you can get benefit from it!

Social Media: New way to promote Products and Services

Social Media is a new way to promote your products and services, instead of using that old mailing system (sometimes people find it annoying) social media is good tool. It is because you’re not disturbing any one or forcing to visit your site. Only people who are interested in your products and offers can follow you and can look onto your new tweets and updates related to offers.

Give Or Take

There are a lot of professionals and marketers on Facebook or Twitter who use social media marketing intensively. You can find them and add them (people of your interest). Because Facebook is a family of over 500 Millon people  you can learn and even earn a lot of knowledge from it.

I highly recommend giving a lot rather than taking or expecting when it comes to social media marketing. Please go ahead and connect with people in your niche. Let the connections be genuine and not on business purpose. Just promote others stuff while you promote yourself.

Appreciate other people. Make it a point that you share 60% of others work/products and 40% of yours. This way you will be a successful social media marketer. You will easily grab the attention of the biggies. Trust me this isn’t just a theory; it works!

Get customer feedback

If you’re going to launch some new product on service, it’s a good way to take advices of those potential people; it is good to know what they think about your new plan and service. If you take such advices it will be a lot more easier for you to make improvements. Instead of getting criticism after you launch a failure product, you can follow this idea and save a lot of your time and others.

Help others

If you’ve good knowledge in a certain field, and you think that you’re able to provide help then its your duty to help people out there. Because if you help others other will help you, as I just discussed above that you can get help from professionals. Social media are an excellent outlet to help others and get help.

Get More Fans

This is one of the other reason why business owners use social media, because they can build a large community of followers and can thus simply explore their products to all of them with just a click away.

So instead of creating large mailing list, creating fan page with a lot of members can help more. The followers and fans in turn promote the product and the exposure gained is quite lot.

Offers and Discounts

This is one other way to increase activity of your fan on page, because if you will offer some discounts and offers to your followers they will always be looking to your tweets, and status.

This can also increase the number of your fans and followers.

Connect to other Business Owners via Social Media

I already advised you to connect to other professionals. Buts its good to connect with other business owners with same field, in this way you can share new ideas and for sure a better relations.


So all I can say is Social Media is now a need of any business, if you’re still not availing this free opportunity to promote your products and services then you are really missing some special thing. So if you’ve not started yet, you still have time to.


Apart from the above mentioned reasons, it is good to engage with people on social media. You make great friends, your content promotion explodes exponentially and you get something important for SEO.

I have personally seen a big boost in my search engine rankings and the number of backlinks. The content you submit to social media are also indexed and ranked by search engines. So you should really use social media.

I have made a review about one of the social media sites very useful for bloggers:

Blog Interact | don’t miss this one, seriously!

I will introduce you to more social media sites like this apart from Twitter, Facebook and the others in the near future.

PS: If you already didn’t know, press releases are a great way to get lot of exposure. Try it out.

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