Will they call you over for a Bloggers Party?

Will they call you over for a Bloggers Party?

You know blogger’s have this amazing “party” ALWAYS! The rules are simple: Everyone invited, bring your best posts, have a good time, leave no mess behind! And the best part, this is an all year round thing!

Yes, the holiday season has just gone by and what better than talking about being the perfect blogging guest. As a blogger who has loved guest posting and continues to be charmed by the prospects of guest posting, I am surprised by how easily some people take their guest posts.

Guest posting has amazing benefits; reaching to a newer audience, back links, publicity of your blog are just a few. But besides the skill of writing the best post, how to ensure it is one of the best GUEST POSTS!

Though I am no expert, these are some things I have learnt from after trying my hand at guest posts.

Bring in your Best Guest Posts

Yes, you don’t go to someone’s place looking like you just got out of bed. Be prepared. Put on the best dress and it is blogging I am talking about. Try to make your best impression.

Work on your guest post, smooth edges and try your best. Check out the site to make sure you have an idea of what the blog is about.

Make sure your article is fresh and is not conveying something which has been talked about numerous times already! The best way to go about this is to talk to your host before giving in your post.

Trust your host

Probably the most important. The site where your post gets published is someone else’s baby, and they aren’t giving their baby to “strangers”. They might be critical, they might want changes but that’s okay to a certain point. They might have some guidelines, stick to them.

Don’t get offended, they just want the best. They might ask for a revision, be ready. Reach an understanding. Let’s take me, I am pretty bad with titles, and whenever I submit a guest post I ask the author of the site to take his/her pick of tiles which they think is most apt.

Be there “at all times”

Make sure you know when your post is published and try your best to be there. Yes, the audience will most likely comment and make sure you are there to respond. A late response might tick people off.

Make sure you respond to ALL, even if their comment says “Great Post”; be polite and say Thanks. Also, just a note, being there at all times for an actual party might not be very good with the hosts; make it a hard and fast rule but just for blogging!

Talk to them

Don’t be the nerd from school who held the glasses and lurked in the corners at parties. Remember, you are there to attract new readers, reach out to newer audience and how better to get to know people than conversation.

Start a conversation, ask questions, respond and see what they have to say! The best example of this is probably Bill Dorman’s guest post on Life, for Instance. That is one man who knows how to talk to people and he is pretty good at it!

Also, thanks to his “talking skills” his post garnered over 370 comments! Now who wouldn’t call Bill Dorman over for a party!

Leave no mess behind

There are many people who might not agree to what you have to say. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. It isn’t your blog where you can just block them off and smirk. These people might be “good friends” with the host of the blog.

Your rudeness or any such negative behavior might not go down well with the readers, but most importantly, it might not be well appreciated by the blog owner themselves. Try your best to understand their point of view or just quietly Agree to Disagree!

An important example of this is how Stuart Mills handed comments on his guest post at Pro Blogger. Though some readers disagreed, I loved the way he handled it and moved the discussion further on! No mess left behind!

Though there a million other things which might work, I focused on what works primarily for me. Guest Posts are a wonderful way to get in touch with loads of new people at one go. Go on, try being the blog guest and have a party!

Please feel free to throw in your favorites to being the perfect guest! Tell us your party secrets to guest blogging! And do call me over when you are having the party! I will be at my best!

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