Want More Blog Subscribers? Try These 5 Surefire Tips in 2023

Want More Blog Subscribers? Try These 5 Surefire Tips in 2023

It is demoralizing to see disgracefully low number of subscriber to your blog and it shames you like anything else.

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You might wonder what could be the reason behind this pathetic turnout. The quality of the posts is great, at least, your friends are saying so, but still you can hardly see anything positive when it comes to number of blog subscriber.

Since subscribers are the blood of a beautiful or successful blog, you should not spear any efforts on your part. Though there is no such quick fix available, here we are going to share some tips that we believe worth a try:


Your subscription option may not be easily located. You should not put many things around it as it might lead to confusion.

People who might have otherwise happily subscribed to your blog, may leave for being failed to locate it. So, you need to make sure that the subscription button is quite evident and there is no visual clutter around.

You can try A/B testing and play around the color scheme for the same and then choose the one that delivers maximum outcome.

Offer Bribe:

Now, there is a tirade going on against corruption and the very thought of bribing someone is going to invite some irate comments.

But this is quite different issue. Since nobody cares to get subscribed to a blog unless it is extremely high in quality, you can try a carrot and stick policy.

Simple, you need to offer some freebie for those who will get subscribed to your blog and if the freebies are interesting, you will see a steady rise in the number of subscriber for sure.

Stay Focus:

No one can be Jack of all trades and therefore, you need to focus on a particular area rather than posting on a wide range of topics on which you have no fair knowledge or authority.

If you are posting thin or rewritten content, people will be less likely to get subscribed to your blog but if you are writing on a particular topic, you will be able to write with authority and people will find your post more authoritative. This can have positive impacts on the number of subscribers.


This is probably the most overlooked aspect of blogging. Bloggers tend to forget that they have their unique identities and that can easily be utilized for better visitors engagement.

For example, if you have an impressive presence on facebook or twitter, you can easily drive traffic from those sites and this will have positive impacts on the number of subscribers.

Guest Post:

This is by far the best way to get some exposure on your blog. All you need to do is to find out blogs that accept guest post and then write a compelling content and get it posted with link in the author bio section of your blog.

If the article goes viral, you will be shot to fame instantaneously and people may voluntarily subscribed to your blog. What else do you want?


Every blogger has a dream to increase the subscriber numbers. Although, it’s not an easy task to accomplish. You need to work constantly to gain readership.

People will follow you if you are providing them the information they want regularly. So just try be loyal and consistent with your audience.

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