Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Blog

Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Blog

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I believe that if you are reading this post, you’ve already read here all about how to start making profits with your blog.

You choose a niche, and you start to write content. You open your AdSense account and even signed up for a few affiliate programs.

But you’re just not making the money you thought you would — and may not even be making any money at all. What gives?

Here are a 5 common mistakes that bloggers make that could be keeping you from turning the profit that you desire:

Incorrect Keyword Usage

Your keywords are critical to how well your blog ranks. They are what customers use to find your site.

Choose the wrong keywords, or use them incorrectly, and your site won’t show up in the listings that your target customers are shown when they search.

Make sure you do good keyword research, and then make sure you use them appropriately on your blog.

Typically, keywords should be used in the title, the first 100 words of your blog post, and then ever 100 words throughout your post.

Don’t use your keywords too often, or your page could be flagged as spam.

Inconsistent Posting

Did you post every day one week, but then dropped out of site for another two months? Inconsistent posting is a sure way to lose readers.

No one wants to return to your site day after day, not knowing whether there will be new content there.

Even if you only post every two weeks, you should make sure that you do it consistently so that readers know what to expect and will return as needed for the new content.

Stale Content

No matter how consistantly publishing you are, if you are only posting once in a month or less than that, your content would definitely grow stale.

Your site will become less attractive to both search engines and readers. The less often you post, the lower your site will rank with search engines.

Make sure you are posting often and that you are posting interesting and engage content.

Even if you are posting regularly, if you are posting boring or useless content, your ranking will suffer just as much.

Personal Content

No one wants to read about your cat — unless your blog is about cats.

While sharing personal information can often make your blog stand out by showing off some of your personality, there is a fine line to walk, and you have to be sure you don’t cross it.

Keep your blog on the topic at hand, and don’t bore your readers with information about what you ate for lunch or all the cute things that your kids said that day.

Improper Linking Strategy

Simply submitting your blog to a directory is not enough to get the highest rank possible. Use a diverse strategy that includes directories, guest posts, forum and blog comments, press releases, and more.

Also be sure to use internal linking to get more notice for your older content, and to keep driving traffic to all your posts.

Whether you’re a veteran blogger or you’re just starting out, you can fall prey to these common blogging mistakes. Make sure that you avoid making these blunders and you’ll watch your blog readership and your search engine ranking grow.


As you know, blogging is a long journey. Mostly people leave the journey in mid-way. However, if you really want to get success, you have to follow the right path and get to the destination of success.

I hope you understand the real secrets of blogging. If you still confused or need help, feel free to send me your questions and doubts.

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