Let JustRetweet Take Care Of Your Social Promotions

Let JustRetweet Take Care Of Your Social Promotions

JustRetweet is a service that helps you promote your products and services through twitter. Twitter has been established as a unique force in the micro blogging social networking environment.

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For businesses Twitter offer matchless marketing solutions. You can find where your customers are located and you can reach them effectively through Twitter.

JustRetweet advantage

With JustRetweet you can catch up the race faster. It is easy and above all it is free.

In order to avail JustRetweet service, you will sign in with your Twitter account and you add your new blog.

On JustRetweet everything works on ‘credit’ basis. As soon as you sign up on JustRetweet, you will receive 100 credits. You are required to fill the basic information in the form by clicking on ‘General Tab’ which is present in Settings.

Here, you will receive another 25 credits. You should verify that credit is set and its status is kept active in the Twitter Tab.

Submitting a tweet is pretty easy. Just click on the “Submit Tweet” to submit your tweet, assign the number of credits per tweet, the number of times you want a tweet (or Facebook Like or Google Plus) to go out,

The Credit Summary will give you complete information about the promotions. You can find who retweeted the links shared by you, who is following your tweets, total website views and how you have spent your credits.

Featured members

You can opt for VIP membership by becoming a premium member. The exposure that you can gain from VIP membership will be very high.

Featured member status will be extended as per the plan that you subscribe from JustRetweet. If you are a VIP, you will be privileged with a certain number of credits that can be utilized on a daily basis. This will help you attract others to promote your tweets.

Procedure to earn credits

  • If you retweet other’s tweets, you will get credits.
  • You can also earn credits by giving a Facebook Like or a Google Plus one (if the user has enabled the same).
  • By following a VIP featured member, you will get credits equivalent to 10.

Procedure to request retweets (and Facebook Like and/or Google +1)

  • You should login to your JustRetweet account.
  • Click on Settings -> Retweet button.
  • You should choose the number of credits that you would like to extend to others if they retweet your links.
  • Choose the additional social media – you have two choices Facebook Like and Google plus.
  • If you set the credit number high, then you will get a more retweet exchange.

How to retweet effectively

  • You should choose different credit amounts so that retweet requests will be shared.
  • The number of credits offered multiplied by the number of shares will give the total credit number that you wish to extend.
  • You can also set a limit to be eligible for retweet based on a set number of Twitter followers. Those who are having less number of Twitter followers will not be able to retweet your links.
  • Instead of sharing all links, you can focus on important landing pages.
  • The Tweet that you wish to be retweeted should be outstanding so that it will be attractive for others to retweet it and users can go through your tweet. You can also include additional or related hash tags encouraging readers to follow them.
  • You can schedule retweets. There is scope for retweeting up to 50 numbers. These should be scheduled in an appropriate way so that the Twitter timeline will not be flooded all of a sudden.
  • You can set the control on requests so that your followers will not be exposed to unwanted requests.
  • As you opt for ‘post later’, the retweets will be shared in sequence.


  • You should be cautious to not retweet links which give wrong information or unlawful promotion.
  • You should keep away from ‘get rich quick’ programs.
  • You should not use any other software or application to promote your site in unethical ways.
  • But don’t worry there’s already enough moderation by the Just Retweet mods.


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