How to Save your All Phone Contacts in your Gmail Account

How to Save your All Phone Contacts in your Gmail Account

Are you frustrated about deleting your contacts again and again. Google Contacts is the best solution of this problem.  You should save your phone numbers and email address in your google account so that you can access these contacts anytime anywhere in the world.

Synchronize your Google Account with your Smartphone

Synchronizing contacts, You have to need a google account to sign in.

Go to your phone settings

Then go to accounts section and click on google. Now sign in with your already have google account or create a new one.

After this, Whenever you save a new contact, choose the saving path into your google account, Don’t save into the phone memory or sim card memory. Now you have all done. After saving all the contacts. Go to google accounts in settings and click on Sync Now. Now you can browse your all google contacts from any place in the world.

Now go the Google homepage. Sign into your google account and click on the gear box in right side. Then click on Contacts and it will bring you to the all your contacts saved in the account.


If you want to edit some more info about any contact. Click on that contact and do edit. And simply you can save contact info about your family and friends. This is the best way to save your contacts.


Now you don’t have to worry about deleting or formatting your phone anymore. You have always easy to access all your contacts. Even if your phone has been stolen, you can easily get your data from Google.

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