Hi Everyone, I am Farukh here,

Welcome to my blog Internetically9.com. I am Farukh Hussain, a passionate blogger from Delhi, India.

This was the first blog of my life and I have launched this website in January 2016 with the aim of writing everything that is happening in my mind.

Farukh hussain


When I feel something creative about blogging, I just really want to share this experience with others.

Unfortunately, Sometimes I don’t have people around me and sometimes people are not interested in all this.

That’s why I took the decision to create a blog as this gives me internal happiness to talk with the people who have the same feelings as me.



About Internetically:

It is an informative blog about Blogging, WordPress and Social Media Marketing. I try my best to write helpful articles for newbie bloggers and WordPress users.

I have extended the topic that covers online money making tips, SEO, and website designing helpful tips.

In addition, I am totally a geek person and a silent kind of person from my schooling. My hobbies are playing video games and surfing the internet, and mostly I love to watch cricket and football.

There are lots of new bloggers trying to getting a place in the blogging industry. I am trying to helping them with easy and step by step tutorials.

Anyone can easily create a blog and make successful life without a job. I am truly reading blogs from my childhood. I was so enthusiastic to create a blog in my life. I try to write quality posts with different images to give you a better understanding.


My Destination:

My aim is to make this blog super successful and people can get real help from this blog. I want to make bloggers life easy with giving actual information to them.

I share posts about WordPress, SEO, social media marketing and make money online. People get so excited when they hear about making money by blogging. But it’s not a magic stick to generate money, but its a way to get success, but as you know hard word is the key success.

So any key can’t give you immediately lots of money by blogging. It takes time to grow your blog readers. When you have enough number of readers, then you can make money by it.

You can also contact me if you have any queries related my blog or any WordPress related queries. I will always feel happy to help anyone regarding any questions.