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How to Display Related Posts in WordPress without a Plugin

When a reader comes to your site, he/she may be searching for a particular topic. Sometimes, you can’t cover everything about a topic in one post. There may need some additional information. So, when you show a related post on the topic, audience read that one too. As...

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How to Display Code on Your WordPress WebSite

If you are running a tutorial WordPress site, sometimes you need to use raw codes in the post. Or if you need to share some web development projects with your readers, need to include the codes. WordPress by default filter out raw codes in any post. So, you can’t add...

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How to Display a Read More link in WordPress Posts

If you want to avoid the internal duplicate content issue, need to use post excerpts. This also improves the site load time and make your blog SEO friendly. This is a mini description of a post which shown on the main page of your blog. You can then add a WordPress...

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