Internet is the way of communication. In today’s world, it is also a way of globalization. It connects the whole world with each other.

Internet is a network of networks.
It consists interconnected networks using protocols.

By the internet, users can get any information from any other computers.
Users can find anything else on internet.
Users can find from a needle to an airplane on the internet, because of internet, it has been possible to talk and chat with our family and friends from a corner of world to another corner.
Users can send pictures and videos of their loved ones by internet.Whenever you are far from your home or your loved ones. you can stay connected with your family and friends. Send pictures to friends. share every moment with your family.

For officials, It is more reliable send and receive data from a corner of the world to the another corner. Your files are no need to be stored anymore in written format. You can store your files on icloud services on internet. Keep your files safe online or offline.

We can do directly video chat or video conferencing with each other. Video chat is revolution in this telephonic world. On smartphones or your computer screen. You can easily talk face to face. Some years ago, before the internet. Our life was so disconnected. We could never find our old classmates or colleagues. But now we all are in touch with each other. This is slightly incredible changes in our life. There are also some misuses are happening because of this internet; like cyber and many other offences. But we should use it wisely. Then its safe.


Distances are not really far because of this technology.. Users can use internet with the help of internet service provider on a minimal charges. I hope you liked my first post about internet. If you like the post please share with friends.

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