Do you want to make your international calling more cheap. A lot of examples are there on internet. Skype, whatsapp, viber, facebook messenger etc.
But have you ever imagined that can I make these calls without internet.




RINGO is the latest incredible app now came in India as well. Ringo was launched globally on may 2014 in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hongkong, Italy, Japan, Maxico, Poland, Singapore, Spain, United kingdom, Switzerland and United states.
Now, It is also available in India on android, windows and ios app stores.

Ringo is the app, which can make international calls without the use of internet data.

This app converts your international calls into local calls and take charges from your telecom service provider.

Company is claiming calling rates would be 90% cheaper than existing network service providers. And 25% cheaper than other online calling apps and websites.

In India, Ringo can make calls all over India only on the price of 19paisa/min.

Bhavin Turakhia, ceo and founder of the ringo said,”We believe that communication should be easy and inexpensive. We envision a world where cost is not even criteria for communication with anyone anywhere around the globe. It could shake up the business of telecom companies”.

The app does not use your internet data or mobile balance. You have to buy minutes on the app. But those minutes/voucher doesn’t have any expiry date. Like other mobile calling vouchers for 28 days. Company didn’t share the price of vouchers but the cleared that call rates in india would be 19paise/minute.



Ringo is the app can be downloaded by any app store on window, android or iphone. You can make a call from your phone. The other person can answer your call without installing the ringo app too. After disconnecting the call, ringo uses your internet connection for checking your credit balance and give you a notification.
Ringo says, when a user from India make a call someone in the United Kingdom, the app automatically dials out a local call to the Indian user and another local call to the UK user and connects the two over reliable carrier circuits.
Once you have sent a request to make a call, you will get a call from ringo, will give a message that you should wait until other person receives the phone.
And a beep will be heard. When your contact receive the call. You can talk smoothly. As you know, app is not using internet connection now. So voice cannot crack or gap between talk. According to your mobile networks. Voice will be so clear like normal calls.
When you buy credits on app. It may charge a little cost for the first time using. And the balance will never expire. If you get credits directly from website. It may be wont charge any extra cost.

After all the conclusion, we can say it is a good app which makes our calls more cheap. It can make call all over the world on minimal cost. May be, It will work as company saying about it…

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