How to Earn Digital Currency While Playing Games?

How to Earn Digital Currency While Playing Games?

Games are the best way to instill the adrenaline rush into the bones of any individual. That will be a cherry on the cake if you get a chance to earn while you are enjoying your games. Bitcoin has evolved into the king of the investment world. Over time people have become conscious of its benefits. With conservative investment, one can make millions by trading digital currencies. Moreover, it is decentralized and can carry out smooth transactions across international borders. There are many ways by which you can start your trading journey in the ocean of digital currency; however, due to its volatile behavior, many people find it daunting to initiate the process.

One of the best ways is to earn free bitcoins using websites and applications that assist you in making free bitcoins like and then utilizing that cryptocurrency to start your journey in trading. The fun part is that you can even play online games to earn bitcoins, and then you can use them for trading or retaining them to sell later. Below is a list of games you can play to earn free bitcoins.


You must be available for the popular mobile game named candy crush. Cryptopop is similar to candy crush, but the only difference is that you have to pop candies in candy crush. Still, it would be best if you popped various computer currencies available on the gaming interface. Currencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, etc., will be available in the game, and you have to pop them and earn points. These points will be collected and will later assist you in getting bitcoins. The primary aim of the player should be to pop maximum bitcoins, and you should be left with a minimum number to win the game.

One of the crucial things you have to keep in mind is that you must have a coinbase wallet before you start playing this game; keep your coinbase wallet handy before you begin playing this game so that all your earned bitcoins and other digital currency can be stored safely.


Cropbytes is an exciting game, especially for people who like farming games like Farmville or other farming games. Here all you have to do is build and grow your farming business to earn more points. You must develop your farm from scratch, grow crops, feed the cattle, and even harvest the crop. In the game, you must collect the by-products such as the crop, eggs from hens, and milk from the cattle. You have to collect all these products and exchange them for bitcoin.

Moreover, you can also reinvest your bitcoin or any digital currency to enhance the quality of your farm and earn more profits. This is how you can free bitcoins by simply playing and building a farm. In the beginning, you will have seven free days to play the game, where you will receive free coins to purchase the assets. However, after seven days, you must buy your assets to play the game and earn more cryptocurrency as a reward.

Bitcoin bounce

What can be better than earning bitcoin and having fun while making these? Bitcoin bounce is one game where you can pump up your adrenaline and enjoy the rush. The plan of this game is straightforward. You must go from one point to another without falling out of the track. When you are playing, you will receive many power-ups that will help you boost your energy and give you some extra points.

As you will be playing regularly, you will be receiving the lottery tickets. This lottery ticket is of your maximum use because a daily lottery game is held. This is the place where you can earn top bitcoins and gifts. It would be best if you played regularly to make more and more bitcoins and other computer currencies. Therefore, you don’t always have to invest huge funds into cryptocurrency to earn profits. You can start by playing entertaining games that would help you earn some free bitcoins, which you can utilize to begin your trading journey. This is a smart move, and you have nothing to lose as you would not be investing any of your funds into it.

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