How to Create NFT? A Step by Step Guide

How to Create NFT? A Step by Step Guide

The NFT trend is exploding everywhere, and it is getting popular in the whole world because of its facilities. You can also start your NFT and create your market without taking any permission. You need to go after an uncomplicated procedure, and that’s it. There is no long process for making an NFT.

Anybody can perform it and can start it at nft revolution. So if you are looking to make an NFT, you can easily create it and start your marketplace of Non-Fungible Token. It is straightforward to make an NFT, and anyone can do it without facing any issues.


You can earn a crazy amount of profit from your NFT, which you can’t even think of, but it depends on your creativity level. If you have that level of creativity in your ideas, you can sell them at your prices. It is straightforward to make an NFT.

There is a simple process. You can do it by taking some basic steps that you can do independently. You can begin the progression of creating your NFT by just following a simple guide. There is no need for any particular skill to make an NF. You are on the right page if you want to learn the steps of making an NFT.

Select your item

The first thing you need to do when you are following the process of making an NFT is to pick your item first. It is straightforward. You can do anything like picking the item you love the most and have a great hand in creativity. You can pick anything like custom painting, picture, video games collection, GIF, music, and select a tweet. It can be anything. There is no fixed list of items you can pick and make the NFT.

The meaning of NFT is that it is a digital item made by a creator and has a sole owner. That kind of rarity gives value to the NFT and provides a new image in the market. Therefore, when you pick the NFT, you should ensure that your items have the intellectual property rights of that particular item you want to turn into NFT.

Set your digital wallet

The next step in this process is for you to select and set the digital wallet for your NFT, as you all need a few amounts of crypto for funding your investment. There is a prominent role of a digital wallet, and that is it allows you to get access to your digital asset. So you need to select the best digital wallet because you cannot access the digital asset without this. You can easily pick the best digital wallet without facing any issues by checking the top qualities of the digital wallet and its company. Once you have selected and settled down the digital wallet, then an individual will always buy the crypto investment for once.

Pick your NFT marketplace

After setting up the digital wallet, you have to select the NFT marketplace to enter the market with your item. You can quickly start creating NFTs once you have some crypto investments and have the best digital wallet. There is some topmost NFT marketplace in which you can select your own some of them are Opensea, Axie Marketplace, Larva Labs/ CryptoPunks, and many more. So you can pick your own best marketplace and start converting your own NFTs into it. It is a simple way to go into the market, and there is nothing hard in it when you are on the right way.

Upload your item

Now, you can finally make the last set of your NFT-making process, and now you can easily upload the item you have created. It is simple to perform. There is not anything hard in it. One can easily take this step and clear all the steps in it. You will be able to upload your folder by taking steps from the guide uploaded in your marketplace. It is easy. You have to follow the steps and upload the file. That process in your marketplace will help you turn your file into marketable NFT, and it is different in all the marketplaces, so you should read it first and take steps wisely.

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