Do You Really Need to Buy Backlinks for a New Blog

Backlinks are the critical factor to rank any website on Google. It provides authority to make a wesbite trusted and valuable. The more valuable backlinks you have, the more you can increase the rank on Google.

Unfortunately, Newbie bloggers feel too hard to get a single backlink from some authoritative website. There are multiple ways by which you can approach others to link back to your blog. 

Every expert suggests to newbie bloggers that they should provide great and useful content to help people. It will grow their blog easily. Sadly, it is not as simple as it sounds. 

Whatever golden articles you are writing, Google never going to rank you easily on its search result pages. Google only rank the pages with high authority and powerful backlinks. 

If you can afford some money to invest on your site. You should definitely buy some SEO services to get ranking. Seo agencies and expers helps you to create a powerful SEO plan to change your blog future. 

There are many formulas shared by SEO experts to get more backlinks. You can work on this if you want to do everything by yourself for free There are different kind of backlinks you can create for your website. 

You can get thousands of backlinks using these simple ways : Search engine submission, Local directory submission, Social bookmarking websites, Guest Post, Fix Broken Links, Video Submission, Pdf submission, Article submission, Press Release, PR Submission etc. 

However, contextual links from the relevant websites are the most powerful backlinks for blogs. As it seems, it is also most difficult to get a single contextual link from big websites. 

You can write a guest post for some big sites in your niche or fix a broken linked page. If you are lucky, they might give you a backlink easily. 

Moreover, I have also heard that many big sites also sell backlinks on their sites for thousand of bucks. It is also possible as they really know the value of their sites. 

Buy Backlinks Or Not?

There are different sites available where you can direct buy backlinks easily on affordable prices. You can hit on Google “buy backlinks” and you will get some cool options. 

Nevertheless, Google has strictly advised to not selling backlinks for anyone. It might ban your site too. Still this is a huge market of billions of dollars. 

If you really don’t have time to ask backlinks from others. You can easily buy these from many platforms. If you focus on guest post which are the most profitable links. You can build an authority of your site very fast. is a good platforms for all these needs. But keep remember that there are thousands of fraud sellers on Fiverr to steal your money. Buy anything after assuring that you getting quality product. 

You can check a seller’s ratings and reviews to make a decision. You can ask for a complete report of manual work. Many people also use softwares to automatically create backlinks in different sites. These are so harmful for any blog. 


In my opinion, instead of buying backlinks, you should hire a full time person for this job on daily basis. It will be more beneficial for you. 

You can always make changes accoding to your needs. You can also hire some freelancers for this job. 

According to my experience, it is the cheapest way to do this digital marketing job. You can also hire some agency for this job which is also a costly option. 

So all is up to you. You just need to be smart before investing your hard earned money. 

Now tell me what do you think about backlinks? Have you ever bought backlinks or thinking to do so? Share your thoughts in comments and share this post with everyone on Facebook and Twitter as well. 


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