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We all should be aware about our website security. Login information of your WordPress website needs more security all time. Remembering of your username and password is very hard when we login after A LONG TIME. When we forgot passwords, we try to verify our account by other verification methods. Clef Two-factor authentication is best way to login your account without entering username and password.


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California based company Clef made a different type of login systems. It is a typically application works on iOS and Android smartphones. You can easily login with simply put your phone’s camera at your laptop or computer screen. Do not need to waste your time by entering username and passwords.


After downloading the app in your smartphone. You just need to install the WordPress plugin as well. To getting start, You just need to open the app into your phone. Then It will verify you with iphone like touch ID or a PIN code. And then take your phone’s camera at your computer screen. On the WordPress dashboard, It will show a wave. After scanning the wave with the phone’s wave. It will login automatically. Clef identify that the user is actually trying to login. And It is all in seconds.

Clef does usually works with internet data connection or WiFi. But if your phone is not able to connect to the internet. There is also a fallback method available that you can also use your laptop’s camera to scan your phone screen. And the login is done. Nothing may be more simple then this. In fact, more then 125,000 websites are already using Clef.

In end, If you are really get irritated after remembering your login information. Then It is best time to move on. Just visit the CLEF and use your awaited application…


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