4 Best Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of your Blog

Are you tired of getting high bounce rate on your web pages. You website is getting pretty cool traffic but increasing bounce might become your next headache. 

Basically, bounce rate is an average rate to analyze how many visitor are leaving your website pages. It means that when a person visits your site but couldn’t get the stuff what he was looking for? He will immediately click the back button and leave your site. 

It will increase your bounce rate. The lower is bounce rate will make you more happy. It means visitors are spending enough time on your site. 

Let’s discuss some of the best ideas to reduce the bounce rate of your website. If your bounce rate is typically more than 60 or 70 percent. You should find some solution for it. 

Increasing bounce rate can reduce your traffic and conversions too. It can make your readers to not visit your site again. Let’s find the solution.

Don’t Overwrite

As many researches showed that every website ranks on first page have atleast 1800-2000 words. To complete this target, sometimes you can write irrelevant content in your post. 

It might give you enough word counts. But it could harm your visitors feelings. I mean if a visitor getting unnecessary content on any page. He will immediately leave that blog page and would find another one. 

It is typically a common human nature. Because in this busy world, people don’t have to waste. That’s why you need to be careful about your content relevancy. 

Write Main Idea With Headings

When we start to write an article. We normally write 1 or 2 or 3 intro paragraphs. However, nobody reads them but we write them for few exceptional people. So when you are writing the main point of your post, make it clear witg clean headings. 

It means after the completion of first intro paragraphs. Start writing article’s main points with clear heading which relates to post title. 

Typically, mostly people find that specific part to read in the complete post. If they won’t find it easily, they might leave your page very fast. So try to make things simple. 

Use Color Palette

Color Palette is basically generate perfect color combinations for your blog design. As you know, first impression is last impression. Try to make your blog colorful but dont make them overloaded with colors. 

Use enough number of color patterns to design your site. An mesmerizing look will always keep your visitors happy. 

It is the most probably reason when viewers don’t trust on the content as well. So try to make your website professional and clean and use matching color combinations. 

Never Use Pop Up Ads

It’s an outdated way to generate revenues but many people still use it on their websites. It is the most irritating reason I would leave a website immediately. 

Pop up ads are created and put everywhere on a webpage to get more clicks and revenues. We have almost everyone know about these creepy websites. These website owners want to make their visitors fool to get clicks on those cheap ads. 

You will get highest bounce rate on this kind of websites. Please never use these cheap ads on your blogs so that your visitors won’t get any chance to abuse you. 

I hope guys this article will give you some most common reasons for high bounce rate. Please make sure to share this post on Facebook and Twitter. You can also subscribe to get latest upadates directly into your mailbox.

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