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The compressed version of weblog is called Blog. It is a conversational or informative website published on world wide web containing of different posts or pages commonly display ongoing  chronicle of information. A blog is a term used to explain about a website has blog posts in chronicle order (the most recent post shows first). A blog contains diary type information on a website that also connects to other websites. A blog may be related to personal or political, may be educational or entertainment related. It may be on a small subject or on a big range of products.


A blogger is a person who operates a blog or a website. He publishes new articles or blog posts on his  blog about his niche of that blog. He  writes about his topic or just gives some up-to-date news or just gives his own opinion on any product or service.


In easy words, The main heading  of a blog is called its title. Whenever you want to write. you think about some topic, and choose some good heading for that topic. That is called title. You can also refer title as a heading. It is very useful part of your blog. Whenever someone search a query on search engines. The search engine first  shows the title of your article. A title  of 40 – 60  characters is suitable for search engine optimization of your  site. A title of your blog should be  interesting and attractive  but also related to your subject.


Blog Content

Whenever you create an article or blog post and publish it on your blog, it is blog content. E-commerce websites feature a catalog of products. Education institutional sites just feature information about their timetable, faculty and campuses. News sites the breaking and latest news after every short time period. If you have a personal blog, you should have a conclusion or reviews. Without an updated blog posts, there are very fewer possibilities to visit a site again.

On a news blog, An author of that blog got a something crazy news, to get the attraction of people, he immediately starts to write an article on that news. With some tricky words, he creates attraction towards his blog by his words. After that, He publishes this article on his blog. People got that content interesting and spent the time to gain knowledge from that article.

Blog Comments

Whenever you visit some site or specific article, you have some personal views on that content. You want to write some of your words on some particular web pages, it is blog comments.  Posting comments are one of the greatest impressive features of blogs.

Most bloggers give the feature to allow visitors to give comments. So that viewers can easily share their views on an article. But unfortunately, Some bloggers don’t show this method of commenting because of their personal privacy. But it is not good for a public sharing blog. If you want to create a healthy relationship with your visitors, you should allow them to send their reviews. Try to answer them immediately and talk to them softly. Help your viewers to solve any issue about your blog. If you will make your visitors, they will definitely visit your website again.

Type of Blogs

Personal Blog

The personal blog is an identical diary style written blog, written by individual person. Personal blogs are more vide variety of description.

Group Blog

In this type of blog, web pages and posts are written and created by more than one author. The majority of  these blogs are based on a single uniting theme, such as tech related or politics related. In recent years, it is examined that majority of these type of blogs are growing. It cuts the pressure of maintaining a popular blog and to attract a larger readership.

Micro Niche Blog

Micro niche sites are the best way to start earning some good amount of money. I have seen some broadly categorised blogs are wasting their time to get traffic. Whereas, some micro niche site is creating good page views. And they are making a very good amount of money. Micro niche sites are featured on a single specified topic. These sites are based on a particular topic and targeted traffic. They can easily catch their target. It needs hard work with some smart work also. You need some good keyword search and quality content.

Business Blog

A blog may be personal  as seen in most cases, or it can be for business purpose only. Different companies want to advertise their products and want to share about their plans to customers. Therefore, some companies make their sites only for business purposes.

To maintain business relations and branding, these sites are created.  Companies try to explain the features and specifications of their tech products. such as mobile and computer companies. This is the strategy to attract customers and increasing their sales.


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